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Cleveland Browns Rushing Attack Deep Dive

The Offense

The Cleveland Browns have one of the most potent offensive attacks in the entire league. This is due to their ability to hurt opposing defenses both with the pass and running attack, all while being aided by a fantastic offensive line. However, it is the Cleveland Browns rushing attack that gives them a major advantage when trying to close out games late in the fourth quarter.

Dynamic Running Backs

Both Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt are arguably top 10 running backs in the NFL. Each player demands immediate attention from the defense, as they excel in different ways that give defensive coordinators nightmares. Chubb’s game is that of an old school prototypical NFL running back. He is extremely difficult for a single defender to bring down, as he possesses a combination of speed and power that has elevated him into the conversation of the league’s elite as his position.

Hunt, on the other hand, brings a few modernized twists to the position that has brought immense value to the Browns offense. Firstly, his pass catching abilities for a player at his position are extremely valuable. He has the ability to both catch screen passes, and run routes from the backfield and receivers spot.This versatility allows for Chubb and Hunt to be on the field at the same time, although head coach and play caller Kevin Stefanski has opted against this in most instances. Could be an interesting wrinkle, especially on a short yardage or two point conversion play.  Additionally, Hunt adds a sense of flair to the offense from a personality perspective. Chubb is very much reserved and leads by example, while adds a completely different element to the Browns’ rushing attack.

An Undeniable Advantage

In an era dominated by high octane passing games, the Cleveland Browns have shown the ability the able to win ugly games in the trenches with their rushing attack. Even when Chubb missed time in 2020 with a knee sprain, Hunt filled in admirably while he himself was dealing with nagging injuries. The two players complement themselves perfectly both on and off the field. Hunt returned to his hometown team with a checkered past, a move by former Browns general manager John Dorsey that was met with harsh scrutiny by many. However, Hunt has seemingly turned the page from his violent past as he has become an integral member of a Browns team that has high expectations for 2021.

With his maturation off the field and on field prowess, Hunt earned a contract extension from the Browns which runs through the 2022 season. Despite this, Cleveland hopes to keep Chubb around long term as well, as his rookie contract is set to expire after the 2021 season. The Browns would be smart to keep this duo together as long as possible, as Kevin Stefanski will only find new ways to utilize each player’s skill set as time goes on. As most teams in the NFL now utilize multiple running backs over the course of a game, Cleveland can continue to boast the league’s most deadly combination once an extension with Chubb is reached.


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