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Chris Lindstrom 2019 NFL Draft Profile

The 2019 NFL Draft will be a great event for teams to start building for their future. The Game Haus will be doing scouting reports on some of the top prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft. Boston College guard Chris Lindstrom has plenty of experience and will now get his shot in the NFL.


Position: Offensive Guard/Tackle

Class: Senior

2018 stats: All-ACC First Team

Size: 6-foot-4, 308 pounds

After a successful career at Boston College, Chris Lindstrom looks to be one of the best interior linemen in the 2019 NFL Draft. Like most interior offensive linemen, he shouldn’t expect to be drafted very early, but there is still the potential that he could be a first-round pick.

Although he didn’t walk on campus as a starter, Lindstrom was able to crack the starting lineup in nine of the 12 games as a freshman. Following that, he never gave up his spot at right guard. As a junior, he was named to the All-ACC Second Team, while as a senior he made All-ACC First Team. During his time as an Eagle, he was able to help Boston College to a great rushing attack and three bowl appearances in his four seasons.

His play and experience have made him one of the best guards in this draft class and now he awaits when and where he will be drafted come April. Lindstrom should expect to go no later than day two of the 2019 NFL Draft.


Lindstrom is an experienced run blocker, who helped Boston College have a good rushing attack for most of the time he was on campus. He has good technique and has the necessary power to clear space for a running back. Lindstrom can also get to the second level if necessary to help the back get through for big gains.

His awareness and football intelligence is also shown well on tape. He understands leverage, pad level and what he needs to do to make the play work. Lindstrom also understands how to pass off a pass rusher to the tackle to make sure that the quarterback is protected.

He also has great hands, that are both powerful and have excellent timing. Lindstrom doesn’t have the greatest length, so fighting with his hands is even more important. He should be able to use his hands well at the NFL level as well.


Boston College didn’t throw the ball very often, so Lindstrom is not an experienced pass blocker. He did show some ability when he was asked to pass block, but he simply doesn’t have the reps that other prospects in this draft class have or of what will be required in the NFL.

Lindstrom isn’t the most athletic guard that will be in the draft class. He is mobile enough to be successful, but won’t blow anyone away with his ability to move. At the NFL level, he may lose some battles against defensive linemen and linebackers who are more athletic and mobile.

Another area that Lindstrom may face some adversity at the next level is when dealing with defensive linemen with length. He struggled in college with this because he doesn’t have great length himself. He’ll have to find ways to hold off linemen at the next level who have great length.


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Borrador simulado de la NFL 2019: Los Carneros de Los Angeles que perdieron el Super Bowl atrapan a Chris Lindstrom | Noticias Ultimas April 22, 2019 at 1:12 pm

[…] En general: Proyectado por algunos como un jugador titular de 10 años, un jugador que se adapta tanto a la necesidad como al BPA, Lindstrom es una opción fácil de entender para los Rams. Además, como titular de un año, Lindstrom es un OG plug and play para los Rams que buscan su oportunidad de un título mientras aún tienen libertad de goles por un año más. Si bien tiene algunas limitaciones físicas, su capacidad para ejecutar bloqueos en una variedad de esquemas debería ser positivo para los Rams. La técnica de Lindstrom está pulida y debería traducirse bien al siguiente nivel, ya que puede captar acrobacias, giros y ataques de manera efectiva. Todavía tiene espacio para crecer como bloqueador de pases, debido a una relativa falta de representantes en el juego. Finalmente, si bien puede ser dominado por algunos tacleadas defensivas atléticas y de brazos largos y por sus alas defensivas, puede obtener ayuda del centro mientras se encuentra en la posición de guardia. A continuación se presentan algunos perfiles de proyecto de Lindstrom: El proyecto de red; NFL; La casa de juegos. […]


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