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Chicago Bears Hire Ryan Poles as GM

Bears Hire New GM Ryan Poles

There has been a bit of disappointment from the Bears front office in past years. There has been poor drafting and poor decision-making all over. Luckily enough George McCaskey and the Bears now have the ability to change all that. Yet why would they make the right decision now? McCaskey has even been quoted saying “I’m just a fan, not a football evaluator”. This is not what Bears fans want to be hearing from a guy who is picking their next GM and head coach. This is why it was imperative that the Bears hired Ryan Poles as GM so he has a say in who the next coach is. The Bears need football guys in the front office who can make football decisions and now they might have that.

Ryan Poles The New GM

It has been announced that the Chicago Bears are now finalizing a deal with Poles. He served as the Chiefs assistant director of player personnel. Poles was not only a Bears favorite but he was a finalist for the Vikings and Giants GM spot as well. It has been rumored that Poles was very influential in the Chiefs organization and even played a part in drafting Patrick Mahomes. Even if this isn’t true it is good that the Bears have a football mind in the front office. In fact, Poles was an undrafted free agent signed by the Bears so this isn’t his first time in Halas Hall. While it is still unknown how Poles will affect the Bears it would appear the organization conquered a small win today,

Bears Hire New GM Ryan Poles

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Is Ryan Poles Changing The Potential Coaching Favorites?

Over the past week or so there has been an abundance of reports of interview requests and interviews popping up. It is exciting to see that there is a wide variety of experienced coaches available. At the moment the top three favorites for Bears Head coach are Jim Caldwell, Dan Quinn and Matt Eberflus. According to some sources, it would appear Eberflus is the number one guy. This is an interesting decision since Eberflus is a defensive coordinator but he has proven to be great in that role.

The question now is will this list change with the hiring of Poles? The GM hiring process definitely happened faster than anyone expected but now they have a guy. Hopefully, they take some more time with the head coach as it could change the outcome of the season.

The hope is that McCaskey and others in the front office allow for Poles to voice his own opinion. It is important that the GM and head coach are on the same page because both are essential in the draft. It would be unwise for the Bears not to allow Poles to conduct some of his own interviews and research in finding the new coach. There is a lot of promise after the hire of Poles now hopefully with some new guidance the Bears organization can bring the proper head coach to Chicago.


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