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Can the Cowboys Still Win the NFC East?

Can the Cowboys Still Win the NFC East?

Following the offseason, the Dallas Cowboys were high on everyone’s board to run away with the NFC East and make a run for the NFC title game. However, things didn’t go according to plan and injuries hurt them from the getgo. Their most notable loss was Dak Prescott who went down with an injury in week 5.

Sitting at 4-9 entering week 15, the Dallas Cowboys still have a shot at winning the NFC East. Here is the only scenario that gets the Cowboys into the playoffs in 2020.

Dallas Cowboys

For the Cowboys to at least have a shot at winning the NFC East, they must win out their remaining three games. The Cowboys face the 49ers, Eagles and Giants to close out the season. All three of these teams have records below .500. These remaining games are must-win for Dallas if they want any shot at winning this division.

If Dallas can beat the 49ers, Eagles and Giants, they still aren’t atop the NFC East. They would also need help from others.

Washington Football Team

The Washington Football Team is Dallas’ biggest kryptonite. Washington currently sits atop the NFC East at 6-7. The Cowboys are two full games behind them but Washington owns the head-to-head tiebreaker. As a result, Dallas is technically three games back from first place.

As for Washington, their strength of schedule remaining is the easiest in the division at .464. They have remaining games against the Seahawks, Panthers and Eagles. For Dallas to make the playoffs, they would need Washington to lose out.

Having Washington lose out is likely due to the possibility of Alex Smith dealing with a calf injury. With question marks surrounding Smith’s injury, this can benefit Dallas.

New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles

These two teams are ahead of the Cowboys in the division standings. However since the Cowboys play both of these teams in week 16 and 17, all Dallas would need to do is beat them. The Cowboys already defeated the Giants once this season so if they did it again, Dallas would own the tiebreaker.

As for the Eagles, they only need to lose one game to give Dallas a shot at the postseason. With Dallas playing them in week 16, the Cowboys would just need to beat them.

Can Dallas Win the NFC East?

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys can still be NFC East champions. However, it’s going to be difficult for Washington to lose their remaining three games, especially how solid they have played as of late. They are currently on a four-game win streak including wins against the Steelers and 49ers. They will have their hands full against Seattle, but should have no problem with Carolina.

Although the Cowboys only have a 3 percent chance of winning the NFC East, 2020 has been a crazy year. And as the famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber once said “Never Say Never!!”

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