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Best Lines to Take for NFL Week 1

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Week one of the NFL is finally here and with it, some pretty exciting games. With new players leading teams like Joe Burrow and the Bengals to older players finding new homes like Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there are many things to watch for. But what are the best lines for bettors to be looking at and why? Take a look at the Week 1 NFL odds and see if you agree that these are the best lines to take.

1. Take Green Bay +2.5

There is little doubt that the Minnesota Vikings are a better team than the Green Bay Packers on paper. That said, there is this guy named Aaron Rodgers on the Packers. Over the years this man has taken teams that are absolutely terrible and turned them into something. There is little reason to think he can’t do the same in Week 1.

While he has lost a step or two or the past few years, Aaron Rodgers alone can keep this game close. Then it can be up to Mason Crosby to knock one through. The Vikings are also without Stefon Diggs who has come up with some major plays for the team. Instead, they will be leaning on first-round pick Justin Jefferson to pickup the slack. It is hard to see him and Kirk Cousins connecting early on and that will limit the Vikings offense just enough for Green Bay to have their shot.

2. Take Tennessee +1.5

Out of all the best lines, this one feels like truly, the best. While Denver have definitely improved, Drew Lock and the Denver offense will likely need some time to put it all together. As for Tennessee, they should explode out of the gate.

With Ryan Tannehill getting a big contract he will feel much more comfortable and thus confident to do what he needs to do. Then looking at Derrick Henry, who was one of if not the best running back in the league next year and this offense is going places. Adding in a stalwart defense and this team is working its way back into the playoffs. It is for these many reasons that taking the Titans in Week 1 even if they are in Denver is a good bet.

3. Take Las Vegas -3

The Raiders are now in Las Vegas with a brand new stadium, a ton of new weapons and are in the third year of their rebuild. In other words, they are ready to win. Luckily for them, they are playing a Carolina Panthers team that, while dangerous, is just not on the same level as the Raiders right now.

It is true that Christian McCaffrey might be the best running back in the league and that Teddy Bridgewater has a chip on his shoulder but that might not be enough to overcome Las Vegas. Even at home, they are the underdogs and this line seems to be much too close for this matchup. While it is still a bit of a chance, taking the Raiders here feels like the best move and one that could pay off in a major way.


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