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Analyzing the Dallas Cowboys Offensive Coordinator Position: Kellen Moore up for Promotion?

Although the Dallas Cowboys made it to the Divisional Round of the playoffs, it is no secret that the team struggled offensively in 2018. After a season full of offensive disappointments, the Cowboys recently parted ways with offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. Former Cowboys back-up quarterback and current Cowboys quarterbacks coach, Kellen Moore, has been rumored to be the top candidate for the open position. With the offseason lurking, it will be interesting to see what Jerry Jones and the Cowboys front office decide to do.

Dallas Offense Under Scott Linehan

Cowboys Offensive Coordinator
Scott Linehan. (Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)

Linehan has been the Dallas play-caller for the past five seasons. With 2014 and 2016 as the highlights of his career with the Cowboys, Linehan has proven to do well when his players are healthy and playing at an elite level. This led many to believe that the Cowboys did well in those years off of pure talent, rather than great coaching. In 2018, a year plagued with offensive injuries for America’s team, it became clear this was the case.

The Cowboys had a red zone success rate of 44.2 percent in 2018. This stat proved to be the second worst in the league, only in front of the San Francisco 49ers. In addition, the team ranked 23rd in passing, 20th in receiving and 22nd in points. Even with Ezekiel Elliott leading the league in rushing yards, the team still only ranked 10th in rushing. With the underproduction that took place, there is no wonder why 2019 is the year the Cowboys let Linehan go. 

Next in Line: Kellen Moore

 Cowboys Offensive Coordinator
Kellen Moore coaching back-up quarterback Mike White (3). (Photo Credit: James D. Smith, Associated Press)

Kellen Moore has been known for his college reputation more than anything. Setting the record for all-time wins by an NCAA Division I quarterback, Moore is no stranger to success. Although his NFL career was spent most of the time as a back-up, the young quarterback has show brilliance when it comes to football IQ. Moore retired after six years in the league. Shortly after, Moore was hired as the quarterbacks coach for the Dallas Cowboys.

Since the firing of Scott Linehan, Dallas has been in search of their newest offensive coordinator. Kellen Moore has been rumored to be the answer. Moore only has one year of coaching experience under his belt, but paired with his college and professional experience as a quarterback, the Cowboys believe in his offensive mindset to call the plays.

Nothing is written in stone just yet, but it is believed that Kellen Moore will be the next Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator.

Pro Bowl Coaching Criticism

Cowboys Offensive Coordinator
Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott at 2019 Pro Bowl. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

The NFL Pro Bowl took place this last Sunday on January 27. The AFC walked away with a 26-7 victory against the NFC. Although the Pro Bowl is not meant for much competition, skepticism arose after the Cowboys coaching staff only put up 7 points with the best players in the NFC at their disposal.

Kellen Moore was responsible for most of the play-calling on Sunday. The NFC’s lack of production has led many to believe it may be a glimpse of the Cowboys’ future. If Kellen Moore is promoted to offensive coordinator, he will have overcome the doubt created by the Pro Bowl.

There are decisions to be made in Dallas. The Cowboys have a young and talented roster. A good offensive coordinator could be what puts them in a Super Bowl come February of 2020.


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