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5 Potential Trade Destinations for Dwayne Haskins

The NFL Trade Deadline is within a week, which means some key players will be on the move. One of the players who has been involved in trade rumors is Dwayne Haskins of the Washington Football Team. Here are the five potential trade destinations for Dwayne Haskins.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville may be prepping for the 2021 NFL Draft to find their quarterback of the future. If that is their strategy they need to keep losing to get one of the top picks. It seems that the coaching staff isn’t actively tanking. Gardner Minshew has played decently, but he recently hurt his thumb. They may wish to acquire Dwayne Haskins as a quarterback to develop.

Haskins likely won’t be going back in for Washington any time soon. If he wasn’t good enough for them now, it is unlikely he will be good enough later in the season. Jacksonville has already thought about benching Minshew. Their current backup is Mike Glennon. If they wish to bench Minshew, it would be better to give the reps to a quarterback who could develop into something, like Haskins.

5 Potential Trade Destinations for Dwayne Haskins

Bill Belichick (Photo via

2. New England Patriots

Cam Newton has struggled in recent weeks for the Patriots. Jarrett Stidham has come into games, but he hasn’t looked like he can be the future starting quarterback. If New England decides to give up on Newton, Haskins could be a young quarterback that Bill Belichick could get some productivity from.

Haskins would be an upgrade from Stidham with a chance to develop. The Patriots don’t seem to have a clear plan for the future of the quarterback position, especially with Newton not playing well. Trading for Haskins would give the Patriots another option moving forward.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers signed Tom Brady this offseason, but he won’t be able to play the position forever. In the short term, things look good for the Buccaneers. Josh Rosen was signed to the practice squad, but he is pretty far down on the depth chart, so Haskins may be more highly-viewed within their staff.

Tampa Bay would be a solid situation for Haskins to find himself in. He could learn from one of the all-time greats and be waiting to take over when Brady does finally decide to hang up the cleats. As Brady ages, there is also a chance he gets hurt and the Buccaneers will want a solid backup to make sure they can win games without him.

4. Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis brought in the aging Philip Rivers for a chance to win now. He has played decently well this season, but at times it seems like he is regressing with age. Behind him is Jacoby Brissett, who has played solidly in relief at points, but the Colts didn’t feel like he was the best guy to lead them to wins this season. He is a free agent after this season.

The Colts are another team that don’t look like they have a plan for the future of the quarterback position. If they can get Haskins for cheap, it would give them a quarterback of the future and a backup once Brissett or Rivers leaves.

5. Dallas Cowboys

With Dak Prescott going down with an injury, the Cowboys turned to Andy Dalton, who is now in the concussion protocol. The Cowboys could use another quarterback if they want to win this year. Even if they don’t they may want to trade for Haskins, as Prescott isn’t under contract long term.

Haskins could fill in for the rest of the season and give the Cowboys more of a fighting chance for the playoffs than the quarterbacks who are currently healthy. In the offseason, they can figure out what they want to do in the future, whether that is with Prescott or without due to his injury and contract status.


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