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3 Quarterbacks the Eagles Could Take in the Draft

Eagles Draft Day: Final Thoughts

It was reported by ESPN and other sources that Carson Wentz is expected to be traded in the near future. This will leave two quarterbacks in the Eagles depth chart, which are Jalen Hurts and Nate Sudfeld. The Eagles have two options when it comes to finding a third quarterback. The Eagles can either trade for an already established NFL quarterback or they could take chance with a young quarterback in the draft. This article will take a look at three quarterbacks that the Eagles could take in the draft.

Eagles Draft Pick: Kyle Trask

Kyle Trask had an amazing college career with the Florida Gators. He broke out in the 2019 season compiling a shade under 3,000 passing yards and 25 touchdowns. Trask only got better during the 2020 college football season. He threw for over 4,000 yards and almost doubled his touchdown total at 43. Trask probably will not go in the first round but it’s a real possibility that he could go in the second or third round. So what makes Trask a good fit for the Eagles? Trask is a highly accurate passer. He threw very few interceptions during his time with the Gators. Trask only had seven interceptions in 2019 and eight in 2020. If Trask can take that to the NFL, then he will be a force to reckoned with. Trask is also a big quarterback at 6-foot-5 and weighing 240 pounds. His size will make it difficult for defenders to bring him down and could give the Eagles some second chance opportunities in the pocket.

Eagles Draft Pick: Zach Wilson

If the Eagles decide to take a quarterback in the first round, Zach Wilson would be a great quarterback to snag. Wilson was one of the best quarterbacks of the 2020 college football season. He brought BYU into the College Football Playoff conversation throughout the year. Wilson threw for 3,692 yards in 2020 along with 33 touchdowns. He also only had three interceptions all year while playing for the Cougars. Wilson could do great things for the Eagles and could be their franchise quarterback if Wilson and the Eagles play their cards right. Wilson can sling the ball and produce points in the passing game. He does not commit a lot of turnovers which has been a nightmare for the Eagles recently. Wilson is also mobile and can extend plays that look to be dead into something spectacular. If the Eagles find Wilson to be worth it, then they could shock everyone and take him in the first round.

Eagles Draft Pick: Kellen Mond

Kellen Mond is another potential quarterback the Eagles can probably take outside the first round. Mond threw for over 2,000 yards in the 2020 season while throwing 19 touchdowns. He also started all four years for Texas A&M and got better every year he played. He struggled with accuracy earlier on in his career but progressed a lot throughout his four years. Mond went from a 51.5 completion percentage in his freshman year to a 63.3 percent his senior year. Mond has shown that he can score and is also a mobile quarterback. He had 294 rushing yards in the 2020 season. He had even more in 2019 with a little over 500 yards. This is a quarterback that probably would not start for the Eagles right away if they decide to choose him, but they can certainly polish him to be a starting quarterback over a couple years.

Time will tell what the Eagles will do with their quarterback situation. There are a lot of young quarterbacks in this draft class that the potential to be NFL starters. These are the three quarterbacks the Eagles could take in the Draft.

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