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3 Best Picks Against the Spread for Week 7

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Week 7 of the NFL season is just around the corner and there have certainly been some surprising games as well as some that have gone as expected. For this week, there are some pretty important games already in the early season. When looking at them though, it may be tough to see which ones are worth taking the spread on and which ones should not be touched. Here is a look at three picks against the spread using MGM’s spreads where one can get great deals with sportscodeus when potentially looking at these spreads.

Bears at Rams- Take Bears at +5.5

It is strange to see a team that is 5-1, the Bears, be the underdogs against a 1-4 team, the Chargers. That said, it is possible that the oddsmakers are very high on Justin Herbert and don’t believe that the Bears defense will continue to carry this team. This is definitely a mistake.

While Herbert is better than Foles and the Chargers offense is probably better than Chicago’s, that Bears defense is intimidating. They get to the quarterback and force mistakes as much or more than anyone. While it may be a bit risky to take the Bears at +5.5, it is not hard to see them winning by at least a touchdown even in a closely contested game.

Seahawks at Cardinals- Take Seahawks at -3.5

Sure betting the favorite is not always everyone’s favorite thing to do but a line of 3.5 either way for the Seahawks is one people should take. The team is 5-0 for a reason and while Arizona has looked strong, it is not only unlikely that they beat Seattle but staying within a field goal seems just as unlikely.

When looking at Arizona’s most recent game they were able to win handily but when looking much closer, it was basically handed to them. Dallas made so many mistakes it would have been hard for the Cardinals to lose. Seattle won’t make those mistakes and moreover, they may force the Cardinals to make them. While they aren’t the Legion of Boom anymore, this defense is still able to help Seattle win this one by at least a touchdown.

Lions at Falcons- Take Falcons at -2.5

As is easily seen, this should be a pretty close game. That is something the Falcons are experts at losing. While this may not inspire confidence in the pick, it seems like the Falcons are righting the ship. This was seen in their last game against the Vikings. Not only did they win, but they held their lead late.

With this issue hopefully fixed, Atlanta should be able to do their thing on offense and look for their defense to make a couple of stops. Even if it is a shootout, either team should win by at least a field goal. Also keep in mind that the Falcons have had a brutal schedule to start the season with losses to Seattle, Chicago and Green Bay. Against a much easier opponent like Detroit, they should be feeling much more confident.


There are the picks against the spread for the week. A lot of the games this week should be pretty close so make sure to do research before picking and hopefully these three will help with that research.


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