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Will Evan Mobley be the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Final Core Piece?

Will Evan Mobley be the Cleveland Cavaliers' Final Core Piece?

In the 2021 NBA Draft, Cade Cunningham, Jalen Green and Evan Mobley were three talents that could go number one in most drafts. With the Cleveland Cavaliers possessing the third pick, they were guaranteed a potential franchise-changing player. After both Cunningham and Green were selected, Mobley fell right into Cleveland’s lap. Mobley’s supreme talent could change the Cavaliers’ franchise.

The Final Core Piece?

Will Evan Mobley be the Cleveland Cavaliers' Final Core Piece?
Isaac Okoro and Darius Garland (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Even with bad luck in the NBA Draft Lottery, Koby Altman, the Cavs’ General Manager, and the front office have done really well in recent NBA Drafts. Within just three drafts, Cleveland selected Collin Sexton, Darius Garland, Kevin Porter Jr., Dylan Windler and Isaac Okoro. Of course, Porter was traded last season due to off court issues and Windler has struggled to remain healthy. But the combination of Sexton, Garland and Okoro is a solid young core for the Cavs. Considering Cleveland got unlucky in the lottery the last three seasons, Altman did a fantastic job with the picks he had.

Finally, the Cavs got lucky in this year’s lottery. If Cleveland had to pick any recent draft to get lucky in, it would be this one; the 2021 NBA Draft could be the best draft over the last decade. Selecting Mobley could be the Cavaliers’ final push to get back to winning basketball.

Assuming the Cavaliers keep Sexton and resign Jarrett Allen, their lineup could finally be formidable. Mobley alongside Sexton, Garland, Okoro and Allen seems like a complete core. The oldest player among the five  is Allen at 23-years-old. Sexton is still only 22, Garland is only 21, Okoro is 20 and the newly drafted Mobley is 20 as well. Each player truly presents a different skillset, together these five could be a very good young core. If the Cavs acquire more veterans and solidify their bench, it’s time for Cleveland to win again.

Mobley’s Fit

Mobley as a big man is a better fit and addresses more needs than someone like Cunningham or Green. Also, acquiring Mobley gives the franchise a quicker path to winning.

To explain, if Cleveland drafted Cunningham or Green this probably would have pushed Sexton out the door. Now with Mobley, the Cavaliers would have a huge hole at shooting guard if they traded Sexton. Cleveland can take a more patient approach with Sexton and go all in on winning this season. If they are not sure about extending Sexton, simply keep him up to the trade deadline and see how things work. If the lineup of Garland, Sexton, Okoro, Mobley and Allen is working well, then keep Sexton. Cleveland should be thankful Mobley was there at three, he was the only realistic pick that gave them this flexibility with Sexton.

Mobley will give the Cavaliers a versatile defender and a possible stretch big man. He could struggle shooting at first, but his mechanics are there and has a good chance to shoot well in the NBA. Overall, Mobley is just a freak athlete. At 7-foot and 215 pounds, he should not be able to move the way he does. Mobley’s ability to guard pretty much any position will be extremely valuable. When Kevin Love is healthy, he has always struggled in switching in the pick and roll game on the defensive end. With Mobley, this is no longer a concern, Mobley will excel in this area. Last, his mobility will allow him to play power forward alongside Allen.

Sky-High Potential

Mobley has been compared to Anthony Davis and Chris Bosh for a reason. His talent is simply undeniable. He can do anything you need and fits the “modern big man” mold perfectly. Sure Sexton, Garland and Okoro are all good pieces with All-Star potential. Mobley’s potential is sky-high though, he could turn into a superstar. In a sense, Mobley does have some generational talent in him.

This is why Mobley can change Cleveland’s franchise for the better. They haven’t been able to draft someone this talented since LeBron James’ left due to bad luck in the lottery. In the 2018 NBA Draft, Luka Doncic could have been an option, but instead the Cavs were stuck with the eighth pick. Sexton was a great value at eight, but he is not Doncic. Further, Zion Williamson or Ja Morant could have been an option in the 2019 NBA Draft, but nope Cleveland got the fifth pick. Once again, the Cavs did well with Garland, but he is not Williamson. Finally, Cleveland could have their potential superstar in Mobley. Matt Norlander, a college basketball analyst with CBS Sports, explained why Mobley can be a superstar,

Evan Mobley is the most promising prospect CLEVELAND HAS DRAFTED SINCE LEBRON JAMES. cause he’s going to be able to step out shoot, I think he’ll be a top-ten nba defender within a few years time, wonderful distributor, extremely humble and a new age kind of big. very, very, very promising player.

The Cavaliers’ front office has done well putting together this impressive young core. Now it’s time for the head coach JB Bickerstaff to produce results. All of the pieces are there, the Cavs should improve this season. Cleveland drafting Mobley is exciting, but there is still progress to be made. If Mobley reaches his potential, the Cavaliers will start winning again.


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