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Where do the Celtics go From Here?

It’s no secret, the Celtics had a disappointing season. To top it off they got burned by the Bucks in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Really though, it wasn’t just some bad games from the Celtics, it was embarrassing. After a strong Game 1 against Giannis and Co., the Celtics fell flat in nearly all areas.

It’s apparent the Celtics need a shake-up somehow. At the beginning of the season, they were the favorites in the East and looked ready to make a run at the finals. In reality, after that strong Game 1, they dropped four straight and two of those games were blowouts.

So where do the Celtics go from here?


The Celtics are in a particularly strange situation. At each position, they have great players and some good depth from their bench. Of course, they aren’t chock full of stars but most players on the team can compete well.

Where this could help is if they were to make some trades either now or down the road. The Celtics have some solid young stars that could be great for trade leverage if they decided to make some moves. Players like Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart could land the Celtics another big name star, or some solid role players and give them a lot more depth.

Celtics moving on
Kyrie Irving and Marcus Smart are trying to figure it out for the Celtics. (Image Courtesy of Associated Press)

This doesn’t really fall under trading but if the Celtics wanted to try and bring in a new head coach that is another option.

Overall, these suggestions are definitely not ideal after just one season and it’s highly unlikely Danny Ainge would go nuclear on the team so quickly.


Another solution for the Celtics would be utilizing sports psychologists. With the talent level on the Celtics, there should be no reason for a series like this. Their stars vanished and left the team floundering. That is not a normal thing that happens. Especially after sweeping a tough Pacers team.

With the help of sport psychology, the team might be able to address the root of their problems. Airing out any problems they might have and hitting the restart button could help next season to start off strong and getting through challenging stretches in a better fashion and could really help the Celtics moving on from this season.

Another solution would be to use this season’s outcome as motivation for next season. People can talk all they want about the Celtics but the fact remains that they are a talented team backed by a great GM and coach. They have the capability of going on a deep playoff run, it’s just a matter of overcoming that adversity.Celtics moving on

In reality…

Being realistic this series and season may have just been a fluke. Fans and media have a tendency to overreact to just about everything (Bucks are done after Game 1) and just because the Celtics underperformed does not mean that the team needs to be blown up from the inside.

It’s just as likely that the Bucks could have imploded and thrown the series away as what happened to the Celtics. Next year will be a determining factor of where this team goes though. Two straight seasons of bad performances call for some bigger adjustments to be made and the team will have to keep moving on from there.

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