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What Should the Cavaliers do With Collin Sexton?

What To Do With Collin Sexton

There are plenty of rumors surrounding Collin Sexton. The Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly heavily shopping Sexton on the trade market. This would certainly be an interesting move since Cleveland seemed to finally find their young star. Sexton is coming off a career year averaging 24.3 points while shooting 47.5% and 37.1% from three. In addition, the young guard still has plenty of potential at the young age of 22-years-old. Since the Cavs made Sexton available, plenty of teams have inquired about a Sexton deal. The Heat, Knicks, Sixers, Lakers, Thunder, Pacers and Pelicans have all reportedly expressed some type of interest in acquiring Sexton.

Why Trade Sexton?

Before discussing exact trade packages, why did Cleveland make Sexton available? The main issue is Sexton is entering the last year on his rookie deal. Sexton will want a huge extension for several reasons. First, he is young and can improve. Also, Sexton has already produced at a young age and guards are extremely valuable in the NBA. Cleveland already has a lot of money locked up in Kevin Love’s contract. In addition, the Cavs could give Jarrett Allen a generous extension this offseason.

Another reason for trading Sexton is Cleveland’s backcourt situation. The Cavaliers seem to view Darius Garland as their center franchise piece. Garland of course plays point guard, and playing Sexton at shooting guard creates an undersized backcourt. With Garland and Sexton both standing at 6-foot-1, the Cavs’ backcourt is too small and struggles on the defensive end.

Cleveland could feel comfortable moving Sexton since they have Garland. Garland averaged 17.4 points, 6.1 assists and shot 45.1% and 39.5% from three. Garland has elite shooting and playmaking potential, and seems to be on a sharp rise. He even made the USA team for the Olympics. This may not be the best to brag about considering team USA’s struggles so far, but that’s another story. Overall, the Cavs still would have a young and talented guard with Garland. In addition, Cleveland has the third pick in the 2021 NBA Draft and could draft either Jalen Green or Jalen Suggs. Green or Suggs could work at shooting guard, and both prospects have high ceilings.

Rumored Offers

Several offers for Sexton have been reported. The Knicks, Heat and Sixers seem to be Sexton’s most likely destinations if traded. The Miami Heat was the first team to be heavily rumored around Sexton. One Miami offer was reported in detail. This offer was Sexton and Kevin Love for Tyler Herro, Precious Achiuwa and Andre Iguodala.

Herro and Achiuwa would give Cleveland two young pieces with good potential. Also, getting rid of Love’s contract would be a huge benefit for Cleveland.

The New York Knicks are reportedly the “most aggressive” in pursuing Sexton. The Knicks would have less potential offers than teams like Miami or Philadelphia. New York’s rumored offer is Obi Toppin, Kevin Knox and a 2021 first-rounder for Sexton.

This potential trade package would likely be rejected by Cleveland. Knox seems to be a bust, and Toppin is already 10 months older than Sexton. Toppin has one year of NBA experience compared to Sexton’s three years. Also, New York’s first-rounder would only be the 19th or 21st pick. This deal seems very unlikely.

Cleveland has actually engaged Philadelphia’s interest in a package surrounding Sexton for Ben Simmons. This proposal surrounds Sexton and Love for Simmons.


This seems like another unlikely deal. The Sixers have reportedly already shot the offer down, and do not seem interested much at all. Perhaps, this is due to Love being included in the deal. Love has a hefty contract that pays him roughly $30 million per season.

Will It Happen?

Could a Sexton trade happen this offseason? This could absolutely happen. However, a Sexton trade before the NBA Draft that takes place July 29th seems trivial in most cases. Cleveland will still want to secure a potential Sexton replacement at shooting guard before letting him go. If the Cavs can draft Green at three, they would probably feel fine trading Sexton. Green’s availability at three will depend on Houston’s selection at two.

Of course, New York’s rumored offer includes a 2021 draft pick. Therefore, a deal with the Knicks will need done before the NBA Draft. However, New York’s rumored offer is probably not enough. If the Miami deal surrounding Herro and Achiuwa is true, Cleveland could accept this. The Cavs could feel comfortable taking this offer before the draft since Herro could start at shooting guard and Achiuwa could provide help at power forward. Depending on the package, Cleveland would likely accept a deal surrounding Sexton for Simmons.

Whether a Sexton trade happens or not, is hard to answer with a simple yes or no. As mentioned, the Cavs could draft a potential shooting guard replacement with the third pick in 2021 NBA Draft. With most offers, Cleveland might want to wait and see what they get in the draft. However, if the right offer comes along between now and the draft, the Cavs could trade Sexton before the draft. Trading Sexton is going to depend on what offers Cleveland gets, and what kind of prospect the Cavs land in the draft. The whole Sexton trade ordeal is certainly worth watching. At the end of the day, some of the Sexton news is simply rumors or speculation. However, there is some truth in the situation. Cleveland trading Sexton is a very real possibility.

All stats courtesy of Basketball-Reference. 

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