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What Happens Now For the Los Angeles Lakers?

What Happens now for the Los Angeles Lakers

Sunday night the Los Angeles Lakers dominated the Miami Heat 106-93 to secure the 2020 NBA Championship. The Lakers just gave the city of Los Angeles their 17th NBA Championship. Lebron James was awarded the Finals MVP which gives Lebron his fourth Finals MVP trophy. The Lakers made Game 6 look easy. They were essentially leading the entire game after the first few minutes.

The Celebration

What Happens now for the Los Angeles Lakers

Courtesy of Douglas P. DeFelice

One thing that was made clear is the Lakers know how to celebrate a championship. By the end of the game, JR Smith was already shirtless and ready to go. When going for post-game interviews, Kyle Kuzma and Alex Caruso followed Smith’s lead by coming in shirtless. The champagne showers and cigars were plentiful. The pure joy each player was experiencing was honestly contagious to any fan that was watching. Dwight Howard and Quinn Cook gave some inspirational speeches through Instagram.

The Lakers showed Disney how to celebrate. Now the Lakers are thrown into the offseason and are coming off of one of the most historic seasons the NBA has ever experienced. What happens now?

The Draft

Covid-19 also changed the format of the 2020 NBA draft. The draft will now take place on November 18. This is a months off of the normal June draft day. The Minnesota Timberwolves won the first pick in the lottery. The Lakers have the 28th pick of the first round. The NBA reconstructed the combine format and have just started the combine window. The new NBA Draft Combine involves a combination of individual workouts, virtual team meetings and physical examinations. The NBA is hoping to end the combine by early November with the draft date to be November 18. Like most things happening currently, this date and format are subject to change.

The Offseason

The NBA is also unsure about when the next season will start. Adam Silver is saying that the NBA will probably not come back until 2021. The break in the middle of the season due to Covid-19 has really messed up the timeline of the NBA’s season and seems as though it will have affects on future season. As for the Lakers, after a mentally and physically demanding time spent in the Bubble, the first thing on their minds should be recovery. After some proper recovery and celebrating the champion, the Lakers should get right back to work. As this year showed us, the players should really be ready for anything.


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