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Tyrese Haliburton 2020 NBA Draft Profile

The 2020 NBA Draft will be an important event for teams to build for their future. Here is the Tyrese Haliburton 2020 NBA Draft Profile.


Position: Point Guard

Size: 6-foot-5, 175 pounds

School: Iowa State

Class: Sophomore

Out of high school, Haliburton was one of the top recruits in Wisconsin. He chose to go to Iowa State for his college career and over two seasons proved to have the measurables and talent to be an NBA player.

As a freshman, Haliburton averaged just 6.8 points per game, but showed proficiencies in other areas. He put up 3.6 assists and 3.4 rebounds per game as well. Iowa State made the tournament in 2018-2019, but the team regressed, while Haliburton improved last season. He averaged 15.2 points, 6.5 assists and 5.9 rebounds per game in his sophomore season. The team went just 12-20 on the year.

His ability to get so much better from year one to year two in college has opened the eyes of many. Haliburton is currently expected to be selected in the middle of the first round of the 2020 NBA Draft.

Tyrese Haliburton 2020 NBA Draft Profile


At 6-foot-5, Haliburton has great size and length for the point guard position. In college, he has been a matchup problem because he is taller than most point guards. He can see the whole floor to make good passes and he can get to the basket well. His length allows him to guard multiple positions.

He is a great three-point shooter, as he shot 43.4 percent as a freshman and 41.9 percent as a sophomore. His range extends well beyond the NBA three-point line. Haliburton’s form is a little unorthodox, but he puts the ball in the basket too often to change his form. While it would be hard to improve upon his percentages, Haliburton has all the tools to shoot above 40 percent from deep in the pros.

His ability to facilitate is among the best in the class. He averaged 6.5 assists per game as sophomore and showed the ability to set his teammates for wide-open looks. With the floor being more open in the NBA, Haliburton could boost his assist numbers if given the required playing time. He can run the pick and roll well, which fits in nicely with what pro teams are doing right now.


Adding strength will be the top priority for Haliburton, as he is too tall to weigh just 175 pounds. He needs to fill out his frame with muscle to be able to use his height more effectively. This will allow him to play through contact better on offense and on defense it will give him the ability to guard much bigger players if asked to.

His athleticism will not be among the best in the league. His speed and quickness are average and he has below average leaping ability. Quicker guards could give him problems while he is defending and it may be harder for him to get to the basket on offense. Despite his size, he doesn’t have the benefit of finishing plays off with dunks and rather finishes with layups instead.

In college, he didn’t show the ability to attack the basket and score at a high level. He used his opportunities to set up his teammates well, but needs to show he can finish strong at the basket consistently. If he can’t do that he may be limited to scoring most of his points from the perimeter, while other players on his team drive and kick the ball out to him.

Projected Draft Range: Mid-First Round Pick

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