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Tuesday NBA Preview

To say that the bubble playoffs have been crazy so far would be an understatement. Upsets all over the place along with last-second shots from budding superstars. This has been a pleasure to watch to say the least. Tuesday will have two more intense matchups with one potentially nearing its end and the other neck and neck.

Jazz vs. Nuggets

Three of the first four games of this series have been extremely close. With the first game going to overtime and the fourth game being decided by a singular basket. This is representative of how close they were during the regular season before covid as well. The Nuggets were just two games ahead of the Jazz in the overall standings.

Both of these teams have shown the ability to get to the basket but it has been Donovan Mitchell who has been going off during this series. He has had 50+ points in two games and has been the highest-scoring member of the Jazz in three of the four games. Having Mike Conley back has also been a nice boost for Utah.

In this game on Tuesday, Jamal Murray will have to continue nailing his shots. Without him and Jokic being a force in the paint, this team will be heading home and out of the bubble. The Nuggets will need to find a way to slow down Mitchell and Conley as well to make the comeback.

Even if they lose this game, the Jazz seem to have a good grasp on the series. In case you want to see which teams are most likely to win, you can see today’s basketball odds here. Though, if you want to see odds for next week’s games, they won’t be out till probably the morning of that day’s games.

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Mavericks vs. Clippers

This series has truly been a back and forth one. Many thought that the Clippers would come out on top but that the young Mavs would give them a run for their money. Instead, the Mavericks are going blow for blow and are threatening to knock the Clippers out of the bubble.

The reason the Mavs have been in the series is that Luka Doncic has been showing up in a big way. Not only has he been making his shots but he has been clutch. His gaming-winning three from way back in game four might be what permanently changes momentum in this series.

As for the Clippers, Kawhi Leonard continues to show that he is one of the best in the game. Sadly it seems as though he has having to be a one-man show right now. While Lou Williams continues to be the best sixth-man in the NBA, Paul George has seemingly disappeared. Since game one, he has scored 14, 11 and 9 points. This is unacceptable from a star like himself.

For Tuesday’s game the Clippers will need George to pick it up and give Kawhi the support he deserves. Otherwise, Doncic and Porzingis will push the Mavericks to the next round. It will be interesting to see how the odds change with each game in this series but it is possible that there may only be two left.

Tuesday’s Action

Both of these series are nearing the end. Tuesday could mark the last time fans see the Nuggets until next season, whenever that may be. If the Clippers and Paul George go silently into the night, then fans and Kawhi might start wondering if bringing him in was a mistake. Then the question would be, should they start looking for another star to bring in? All of this will be seen and asked during Tuesday’s action.

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