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Thunder vs. Rockets Recap

This Thunder team is looking serious. The Thunder beat the Rockers in a score of 101-89. Lu Dort had the game of his career, going for 34 points, eight boards, two assists and a block. He had some help in the form of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Josh Giddey in the scoring department but since it was against a lowly Rockets squat, not much was needed. This game brought their record up to a solid 6-8 on the season. This article will include the performances of some of the players who were involved in the win. Again, this Thunder team is looking serious and it’s because of the young developing stars that are blossoming before our eyes.

Lu Dort Performance

Dort had an amazing game, going for 34 points, eight boards, two dimes and a block on 14/22 shooting, 4/11 threes and 2/4 from the line. Dort is having a very underrated season at the moment as he’s averaging 17.2 points, 4.4 boards, 1.8 assists, 0.8 steals and 0.3 blocks on 46% from the field and 85% from the line. He’s also putting up two threes a game but only shooting 29% from there. Dort is a very good player and the fact that he was undrafted is still baffling. He’s proving he’s worth a long-term contract and a spot on an all-defensive team. Dort is a very special player and he’s only getting better.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Performance

Gilgeous-Alexander didn’t have the greatest shooting performance again as he shot just 6/18 from the field and 1/8 threes. However, he did just about everything else right as he put up 15 points, seven boards, nine dimes, four steals and a block. Again, he proved he’s a game-changer despite the poor shooting as he almost had a solid 4×5 line. Hopefully no rest days come for the young 23 year old as he’s having yet another great season with the Thunder. Expect him to keep it going for the rest of the season as he’s competing for an all-star spot.

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl Performance

Earl had another good game as the starting center. He put a line of eight points, nine boards, one dime, two steals and a block on 3/9 shooting, 0/5 from three and 2/2 from the line. It wasn’t a good shooting line but he did everything else right for his squad. His minutes are looking more and more steady as he’s looking like the starting center for the foreseeable future. When given the minutes, he has proven he can be a deadly sniper from three. Not only is his shooting impeccable, but his defense and rebounding are also looking better and better. Earl is looking like a steal right now.

Josh Giddey Performance

Giddey is looking better and better and this club is looking better as a direct result. No one would’ve pictured OKC winning this many games this early in the season but Giddey is the main reason. In this game, he put up 14 points on 7/14 shooting and 0/2 from three, 11 rebounds, two assists and a block. Even though the lack of assists was a fluke (he’s averaging 5.9 of those a game), one of his two assists was a beautiful bullet pass to Robinson-Earl for an easy layup. Giddey is looking like a grown man in this league and his game is so smooth to watch. OKC fans are so lucky to have him on their side and they can thank Sam Presti for this underrated pick.

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