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Thunder vs. Pelicans Recap

The ending of this game was definitely a crazy one. It was a devastating one for Thunder fans, however. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander hit a game-tying 3-pointer from 30 feet out over a defender. It was all for naught, though as Devonte Graham hit a Hail Mary three from the other side of the court. Losing 110-113, the Thunder still showed some promise. This is a Thunder VS. Pelicans Recap.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Performance

Alexander had a masterful offensive night. He went for a team-high 33 points, five boards, one assist, one steal and one block on 10/25 from the field, 4/8 from three and 9/9 free throws. He did everything he could to will his team a W but without Lu Dort, it was too much. Alexander has been struggling with his shot all year round, shooting a career-low 40% from the field. He’s still averaging good counting stats: 21.7 points 2.0 threes, 4.6 boards, 4.9 assists, 0.9 steals and 0.7 blocks a game. Alexander will continue doing the heavy lifting on the offensive end for this squad.

Josh Giddey Performance

Giddey nearly triple-doubled with 17 points, nine boards, seven assists and a steal on 8/18 shooting and 1/5 threes. Giddey keeps putting up nice lines like these and his ceiling continues to get higher and higher. The shooting has been an issue but he’s still only a 19 year old rookie who’s only going to get better. Sorry for being repetitive, but Giddey is going to be an all-star in this league.

Tre Mann Performance

Mann played 23 minutes off the bench and put up a line of nine points, two boards, four assists and one steal on 4/8 shooting from the field and 1/2 threes. Mann is looking more and more confident as a gunner that can have a Lou Williams type of role for the Thunder. He’s definitely not scared to look for shots and the Thunder will be more than willing to let him shoot it. Mann is in the perfect situation to continue learning how to grow his offensive game. Don’t be surprised if he ends up averaging 15+ points over the next couple seasons.

Jeremiah Robinson Earl Performance

Earl is struggling mightily right now. He shot just 1/6 from the field and missed all four three pointers for a line of six points, five boards and that is it. He did go for 4/4 from the line so there’s that. Unfortunately, he’s not doing good right now and his sporadic minutes don’t help his case. His game is still very fun to watch as he’s an athletic and disruptive defender. Just remember, he’s a rookie on a rebuilding team so he’s getting no shortage of opportunities. If only his minutes remained consistent.

Darius Bazley Performance

Bazley has officially hit rock bottom. He shot just 1/4 from the field, 0/2 from three for a line of two points, two rebounds and one steal. Bazley is easily the streakiest shooter in the league since he doesn’t really shoot above 50% on a regular basis but he’s definitely not afraid to let it go. Shooting a career low from the field, he’s at least making massive strides on the defensive end this season. Seeing Bazley shooting above 50% from the field on a regular basis is everyone’s wish at this point. Hopefully his offense comes back to him soon.

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