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The Lowest Scoring High School Basketball Game of All-Time

The Lowest Scoring High School Basketball Game of All-Time

When Bibb County played Brookwood back in February of 2015, the lowest scoring game in boy’s high school basketball history was produced. 

The final score of that boy’s high school basketball game was 2-0 [Bibb County won].

This technically tied the record for the lowest-scoring high school basketball game of all-time.

Tired Legs Create a new Game Plan

But, before the game had even begun, both schools were planning on playing a slow-paced game.

This was because for both teams this would be their fourth game within the past week.

After Bibb scored the first basket, Brookwood decided to just pass the basketball around the perimeter for the entire second quarter.

This ideally would have ended with the score being tied 2-2 at half time, but the buzzer-beater missed.

While this would not be possible in an NBA game [given that the NBA uses a shot clock], this is possible at the high school level of play [as they do not use a shot clock].

Bibb employed a similar strategy for the third quarter, as they held onto the ball the whole time only to attempt another buzzer-beater that missed.

The Closing Seconds of the Game

Entering the fourth quarter, Bibb County head coach Russ Wallace stated in an interview with Tuscaloosa News, “I told my assistant coach, either we lose 3-2, we go into overtime 2-2 or win 2-0, and two of the three of those options work out for us.”

The most chaotic moment of the game occurred with 14 seconds remaining in the contest.

As Brookwood was attempting to hold on to the ball, to take what would be a potential game-winning shot, they turned the ball over.

This resulted in Bibb County’s Brian Rutledge attempting a fast-break dunk, where he claimed to have been fouled, but the dunk and foul call were both missed by the referee.

Then Brookwood got the ball back, and Dave Jenkins launched a thirty-foot shot.

The shot missed off the backboard, signaling the end of the lowest scoring high school basketball game of all-time.

What is most interesting about this matchup is that neither of the schools had particularly bad basketball teams.

Both schools finished the year with 14-15 records.

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