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Steph Curry: When Will he Have the Most Career Three-Pointers?

Steph Curry has rightfully been named the greatest shooter of all time. Over the entirety of his 10-year career, Curry has lit up arenas with his long-range shooting. For his career, Curry has shot 43.5 percent from three-point range, averaging 3.6 made three-pointers per game.

On top of that, this season, through Monday, he is making 5.2 three-pointers per game. That is the best rate of his career, period.

With the rate of shooting over his career, he is quickly approaching a key NBA record: The most
three-pointers made in a career in NBA history.

According to basketball reference, Curry has made 2,464 career three-pointers through Monday. That makes him third all-time in the NBA. Just ahead of him is Reggie Miller, with Ray Allen still a way off in first place.

So, how far away is Curry from the record and how many games will it take?

Steph Curry
Steph Curry (photo by

Firstly, just looking for Curry’s path to second place, he trails Miller by 96 three-pointers. The Warriors have six games left in the season, so if he makes his season-average 5.2 three-pointers per game in those six left, he will make 31.2 (31) more threes yet this season. With that 31 (based on averages), he will have a career total of 2,495 three-pointers made.
If Curry stays right along his average and finishes the season at 2,495, he will trail Miller by 65 going into next season.

If that is the case, how long can we expect to wait until he takes over the No. 1 spot?

It really is not that long at all, actually. It is almost a disservice to use Curry’s career average for threes made per game (3.6), but it is the best and most accurate benchmark that can be used. With that in mind, here is how long it will take Curry to be the new king of three-pointers.

And, to be as accurate as possible, the average of 68.9 games played per season for Curry, which is his career average as of Monday, will be used.

So, for next season, we can assume he will play 68.9 games and make 3.6 three-pointers per game (based on his career averages). With simple math, Curry should theoretically make 248.04 (248) three-pointers next season. That would take his career total to 2,743, well beyond good enough for second place above

At that point, he would also then need just 230 more three-pointers to tie Allen for first.
So, based on those numbers, he would be the all-time NBA three-point leader in two seasons

That is also assuming he stays with his career averages and does not get injured, etc. But, for the sake of trying to get a little closer to reality, his recent numbers are being used for this.

Over the last three seasons, Curry has averaged 4.5 made three-pointers per game. With this number, and starting at 2,495 for next season (and using the same games played average), Curry could make 310.05 (310) three-pointers next season.

That would make his career total 2,805, just 168 fewer than Allen. So, even then, he would still need two seasons in some capacity to pass Allen.

Again, and very importantly, this is all based off averages and the most efficient circumstances. But, considering Curry is such a prolific shooter, is really is not a stretch at all.

And, possibly the best thing to consider is that he will only be 32 next March. Theoretically, he will be 33 when he breaks the record, so he still has a lot more time after he does break it to pile on as many three-pointers as possible.


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