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Potential Trade Destinations for JJ Redick

Potential Trade Destinations for JJ Redick

J.J. Redick is a veteran in the NBA and is well respected. Redick was drafted no. 11 in the 2006 draft and he is playing in his 16th season. Currently, Redick is playing with the New Orleans Pelicans and has been with the team since the 2019 season. So far this season, Redick is averaging 7.9 points per game, 1.3 assists per game and 19.9 minutes per game. While Redick is putting up solid numbers for the minutes he’s playing, the Pelicans are only 7-12. This puts the Pelicans in second to last in the Western Conference.

The Pelicans seem to be turning their focus to the younger members of their team, such as Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram. This means that Redick’s playing time may be changing because of the young guards. Redick is a respected shooter in the league and despite his age, has a few teams interested in trading for him. The most recent teams interested are in the Atlantic Division.

Philadelphia 76ers

Prior to New Orleans, Redick was playing for the Philadelphia 76ers which is a potential destination. Redick has family in Brooklyn and he prefers to live closer to his home. The 76ers were a team that allowed Redick to commute from Philadelphia to Brooklyn. When considering Philadelphia as a landing spot for Redick, he is already comfortable with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. Also, Redick played for the Clippers under Doc Rivers so he is familiar with Rivers’ coaching style.

Brooklyn Nets

Another team that has shown interest in Redick is the Brooklyn Nets. This trade would fulfill Redick’s wish to be close to his family which may make him favor the Nets. The Nets have been making moves to give their team the strongest chance at a championship. The trio of James Harden, Kevin Durant,and Kyrie Irving are finally clicking and the Nets are third in the Eastern Conference. Redick could be a catch and shoot guard off of Harden, Durant and Irving’s dribble penetration.

Boston Celtics

The last possible team for Redick is the Boston Celtics. Again, this team is in the northeast which is closer to Brooklyn. The Celtics are right behind the Nets sitting at fourth in the Eastern Conference. With Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum, the Celtics have members of the team that can score. This is another instance where Redick can be a catch and shoot guard off of Tatum and Brown drives.

There is not a set destination for Redick yet and there are no terms of the agreement planned. As a veteran, Redick is wanted by each of these teams not only for play but for leadership. The veteran is not done playing yet and he has options as to what his next best move is. The Pelicans also must consider the best deal for giving up Redick and his leadership.


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