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Potential Trade Destinations for James Harden

James Harden isn’t returning any of the Rockets’ calls and it looks like he may be on the move. Here are potential trade destinations for James Harden.

1. Philadelphia 76ers

Potential Trade Destinations for James Harden

Daryl Morey (Photo via

Who would be better to trade for Harden than the 76ers? Daryl Morey is the President of Basketball Operations for the 76ers now, after he brought Harden to Houston. Morey likes to build his teams solely based off of the 3-point shot, so he’ll want to get a player like Harden to help space the floor and score the ball at an elite level.

Morey may also want to trade away Ben Simmons, who has struggled mightily with shooting from deep. The 76ers could package Simmons and picks for Harden. Harden would be a better fit with Joel Embiid, as he could space the floor and they could play of of each other.

2. Miami Heat

If the Rockets decide to trade Harden, they are likely going to start their rebuild. A team that could make a trade that would be mutually beneficial for both of their current strategies would be the Miami Heat. The Rockets could get a few young players and picks, while the Heat could get another star, which could help them get over the hump to win an NBA Championship.

Miami could send young players like Tyler Herro, Kendrick Nunn or others plus some draft picks to make the trade worth it for Houston. Harden has quite the personal life off of the court and Miami would be able to meet all his needs. He would also be able to compete for a NBA Championship with the Heat.

3. New York Knicks

The Knicks would love to have a star of Harden’s caliber on their roster. They should be willing to move any players on their roster and some picks to get the best player they have had in ages. It instantly makes them a playoff team in the East and other good players could follow Harden to New York.

With Harden’s lifestyle, New York could be a fun destination, but that just leaves the Knicks, as their likely isn’t much room for him on the Brooklyn Nets with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant already there. The Knicks could send players like R.J. Barrett and Mitchell Robinson to the Rockets if they really want to make a play for Harden.

4. Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers found out that the Kawhi LeonardPaul George combination won’t work this season. Doc Rivers is gone now and it didn’t look like either player was happy with each other by the end of the season. If they want to shake things up, they should move Paul George and some picks for Harden.

Leonard just wanted one other star to join him in LA when he signed after winning the title in Toronto. Harden can be a better fit for their team than George. If he and Leonard can get along, the Clippers will be a better team and Harden will love living in LA.

5. New Orleans Pelicans

New Orleans won the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery and selected Zion Williamson. Now, their objective has to be to surround him with the best talent possible. The Pelicans have plenty of trade assets to use and should make a play for Harden.

The Pelicans have already made Jrue Holiday available in trades, but they should make everyone but Williamson available in a trade. They can even throw in some draft picks to make it happen. Harden would make the Pelicans a contender with Williamson and he could still have fun off the court in New Orleans.

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