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Potential Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Deadline Moves

Potential Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Deadline Moves

The NBA trade deadline is this Thursday at 3 p.m. The Cleveland Cavaliers have several players rumored to be on the move. Cleveland will likely look to depart from players rather than chase new acquisitions this deadline. Whether it be through trade or a buyout, the Cavs could part from several players.

Andre Drummond

First off, Andre Drummond is the obvious Cavalier that should be on the move. Drummond has been benched for an extended period of time now as the Cavs search for a trade partner. Cleveland has made it known they will be moving Drummond.

However, with the deadline quickly approaching there is a growing sense Drummond will no longer be traded. Instead, the Cavaliers center will likely be bought out and he will become a free agent. As a center, Drummond simply does not have much trade value. Just last year, the Cavs received Drummond for a decent bench player and a second round pick.

Several playoff contenders like the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics could be potential landing spots for Drummond. All mentioned teams could use some frontcourt help, especially teams like Dallas and Boston. Recently, came out with betting favorites for potential players on the move and the Mavericks are the favorite for Drummond.

JaVale McGee

Potential Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Deadline Moves

JaVale McGee (Photo via

Another Cavalier center that could be on the move is the veteran JaVale McGee. Since the Cavs acquired Jarrett Allen, McGee has hardly seen the court. Rumors have swirled around a potential McGee trade for months now.

However, with the deadline close a trade seems unlikely here as well. McGee could be another buyout for the Cavs. Once hitting the free agent market, playoff contenders like the Lakers could come knocking.

Do not expect both Drummond and McGee to be moved though. For Cleveland, it would not make much sense to get rid of two centers. In turn, the Cavaliers’ frontcourt depth would be extremely weak. McGee will likely stay with Drummond’s departure. Of course, if the Cavs found a good trade offer for McGee they would likely take it, but a trade seems unlikely at this point.

Cedi Osman

The last Cavalier that could have a change of scenery is Cedi Osman. Osman has struggled mightily with his shooting recently, and multiple teams could be interested in the young forward. Once again, playoff contenders seem to be the teams interested in Osman.

Some rumored teams includes the Warriors, Nets and Clippers. All of which could use some more scoring off their bench, Osman has been capable of this in the past. Osman being bought out would be a shock. At most, the Cavaliers could potentially receive a young bench player and a second round pick for Osman. If this was offered, Cleveland would probably trade Osman.

What Will the Cavs do?

The Cavaliers will probably be passive this year when it comes to trading. Currently, Cleveland seems to be mostly focused on alleviating some cap space. It would be a surprise if the Cavs chased players on the trade block and acquired new big pieces.

Acquiring a player like Aaron Gordon would be great for Cleveland, but it just doesn’t seem likely. Look for the Cavs to cut Drummond, and possibly trade Osman or McGee. At most, the Cavaliers could get a young bench player to add to their young core.


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