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Part 5: Ranking Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys Over Past Decade

Part 5: Ranking Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys Over Past Decade

Over the last decade the Cavaliers have wore 22 different uniforms. So far, 18 of the 22 uniforms have been ranked and discussed. In part five, the top four Cleveland jerseys from the past decade will be discussed. The top four uniforms all have appealing color pallets and designs that represent the Cleveland franchise.

4. 2015-17 Stretch

Part 5: Ranking Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys Over Past Decade
LeBron James in the stretch alternates (Photo via

First off, the “Stretch” alternate worn from 2015 to 2017 comes in at four. This uniform uses Cleveland’s throwback “V-basket” logo from the 1980s. During the 1980s, the Cavaliers wore primarily blue and orange rather than wine and gold. Instead of wearing the blue and orange, this alternate used the 1980s logo with wine and gold instead. Perhaps what makes the stretch uniforms even more appealing is the white accents used. The white placed on the numbers and shoulder trim looks very good alongside wine and gold.

This uniform puts a nice twist on a retro uniform. Over Cleveland’s franchise history, the “V-basket” logo could very well be their best logo in franchise history. Seeing this logo back on any uniform is good to see.

3. 2019-20 Classic Edition

Part 5: Ranking Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys Over Past Decade
Darius Garland in the 1990s throwback (Photo via

At three is a uniform that pays homage to the 1990s. During the 1990s, the Cavaliers’ road uniforms were primarily black with powder blue and accents of orange. The signature look of these uniforms was the powder blue slash across the torso and back of the jersey. While celebrating the franchise’s 50th anniversary in the 2019-20 season, Cleveland brought these 1990s uniforms back. The Cavaliers made no note-worthy changes to the 1990s jersey. This was the first time the Cavalier uniforms worn from 1994-99 were brought back.

The fact it took 20 years for these 1990s black uniforms to reappear is quite surprising. Maybe during the 1990s, these black jerseys were not a hit since they only lasted for five seasons. However, over the years companies have sold this 1990s throwback and it has seemed to sell well. The return of the black Cleveland uniforms worn during the 1990s was long overdue.

2. 2020-21 City Edition

Part 5: Ranking Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys Over Past Decade
Different Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees’ logos used for the Cleveland logo (Photo via

Coming in at second is a uniform worn during the recent 2020-21 season. Cleveland’s 2020-21 city edition uniform was inspired by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is one of the best attractions in the city of Cleveland. For fans of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, these Cavalier jerseys were pretty awesome.

This city edition uniform is predominantly black with white font and numbers. Wine and gold appears on the trim of the city edition jersey. Each letter in the Cleveland logo across the chest is a letter from a band’s logo in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. For example, the letter v in the Cleveland logo is the v from David Bowie’s logo. The execution on this uniform was just superb. You can tell so much thought and different designs were put into these uniforms. Sometimes a good back story behind a uniform can take it to the next level.

1. 2016-17 Hardwood Classics

Part 5: Ranking Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys Over Past Decade
LeBron James and Kevin Love in the 1980s Hardwood Classics jersey (Photo via

Finally, the best Cleveland uniform among 22  different jerseys is the 2016-17 Hardwood Classic uniform. The 2016-17 Hardwood Classics is almost an exact copy of the road jersey worn from 1983 to 1987. The uniform is all orange with white numbers and font with accents of blue.

The Cleveland uniforms worn from 1983-89 could be the best uniforms in franchise history. As mentioned, the signature v-basket logo is likely the best Cavalier logo in franchise history. Nearly every v-basket Cavalier uniform looks appealing, but this orange set takes it up a notch. The orange and white throwback just looks extremely clean. The only Cleveland v-basket uniform that has not returned is the white home jersey. Hopefully, one of the white v-basket Cavalier uniforms will return sooner rather than later.

That wraps up ranking all Cavalier uniforms from the past decade. Some uniforms were unappealing, but for the most part Cleveland had some good jerseys over the years. What did you think of the rankings, let us know!


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