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NBA’s Most Overrated Point Guards

Kyle Lowry trade

In this new series for The Game Haus, players, past and present, will be analyzed for their abilities on the court. TGH will then talk about why they were overrated.

Over the next few weeks, these articles will take a look into specific positions of overrated players. This will start with point guards and end with centers.

One thing to consider when mentioning these players, is that if they’re on the overrated list, it doesn’t mean they’re bad players. A lot of factors go into being overrated, whether it’s stats, team success or more.

Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker is now a seasoned veteran in the league, with viable experience. He’s a four-time All-Star and has had himself a solid career.

But the reasons for him being overrated can’t be overlooked when considering him being a top guard in the league. Now, when thinking about why he went to Boston, it was because the Celtics needed a viable replacement for Kyrie.

Overrated: Point Guards

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Walker seemed like he would be that. He was a three-time All-Star in his last three seasons in Charlotte and was at the top of his career. Since the move to Boston, Walker hasn’t been all that they’d hoped.

This season, he’s averaging his lowest point per game average since 2014-15, and he’s playing the least number of minutes per game since his rookie year. To add more to it, the Celtics haven’t been the best team in the East.

So, when considering Kemba Walker, he’s a solid point guard. But, with the expectation he had in coming to Boston, he hasn’t delivered, both from an individual standpoint and a team standpoint.

That brings up the question, is he past his prime? As the season and years go on, he’ll prove whether he’s still the same player he was in his early years in Charlotte.

Kyle Lowry

For Toronto Raptors fans, this might come as a surprise. Just like Walker, Kyle Lowry is another very solid point guard in the league. He’s also a well-known leader and Toronto favorite.

Overrated: Point Guards
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The reason he’s on the overrated list is because of his overall production. He puts up solid numbers, including 18 points per game this season. The problem is that he’s never been the best player on the Raptors.

He was overlooked by DeMar DeRozan, then Kawhi Leonard and now Fred Van Vleet is coming into the spotlight. On top of it, in past playoff scenarios, he was never the biggest threat for opposing teams.

Also, Lowry has never been a scoring threat. He’s only averaged over 20 points per game twice in his 16-year career. On top of it, his assist averages are relatively low for a floor general.

Lastly, he’s never been “the guy.” He’s always been viewed as the Robin. He’s been able to get it done when he has help, but when he’s one of the best players on the team, then the team struggles. Look at the Raptors. They’re in the eighth spot in a mediocre Eastern Conference.

In the end, Kyle Lowry will be known as a solid point guard who helped Toronto get the franchise’s first championship, but for now, he’s one of the overrated point guards in the league.

Wrap Up

This is a short list for overrated point guards. The reason for not including more is because the rest of the point guards in the league either receive the correct amount of recognition, or they don’t get enough headlines to be considered overrated.

Walker and Lowry are great players, but they don’t do the necessary things to live up to the expectations that they have.

Make sure to tune into next week as TGH will look into overrated shooting guards!

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