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NBA Team Predictions

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NBA Team Predictions: How will Teams Perform?

This year is going to be very fun as there will be lots of young guns a lot of teams. This draft class was definitely one for the books as there are probably lots of budding stars in said draft. However, who will stand out the most? Which teams will stand out among the rest? This article will go over win/loss records, playoff chances and top players from each team.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Predicted Record: 20-62. Team MVP: Shai-Gilgeous Alexander

The Thunder will tank for another season. However, this team is looking promising. Josh Giddey is going to be getting some good reps for the club this season along with other picks Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, Tre Mann and possibly even Aaron Wiggins. Whatever the case may be, this team is going to be fun to watch in the future. Gilgeous-Alexander will be the team’s unquestioned MVP and it probably won’t be close (Lu Dort will be second in the running, naturally). Don’t be surprised if Gilgeous-Alexander can warrant his first all-star nod but if not, he’ll definitely be in the running.

San Antonio Spurs

Predicted Record: 30-52. Team MVP: Dejounte Murray

Murray is going to be the best player on the team but it’ll probably be close. Keldon Johnson is expected to explode this year due to the departure of DeMar DeRozan, Rudy Gay and Patty Mills. Same goes with Murray but the problem with that is that San Antonio clearly waved the white flag when it comes to the playoffs. They may still be competitive because of Gregg Popovich but it’s not clear what they plan to do. Since they’re going towards a rebuilding route, SA is going to be fun to watch due to their surplus of youth. Be ready for a high dose of Johnson, Devin Vassell, Murray and Lonnie “Sky” Walker.

Portland Trailblazers

Predicted Record: 49-33. Team MVP: Damian Lillard

This will be a very interesting year for the Trailblazers. Although they remain competitive and even trading for a very solid bench piece in Larry Nance, they remain in a pickle. People often speculate on Lillard’s future with the franchise if they’re unable to make it far in the playoffs. He’s made it clear time and time again that his heart remains with Portland. However, he may take back his words if Portland gets bounced in the playoffs again this year. Portland will make the playoffs this year but due to the lack of depth on this roster, they may not go very far. Expect many rumors throughout the season about Lillard and company.

Philadelphia 76ers

Predicted Record: 42-40. Predicted MVP: Joel Embiid

Another fun offseason for this club, huh? Ben Simmons has said that he won’t be there with the team and will not report for training camp. This team is looking to trade him away but the problem is that they’re probably asking for way too much. Simmons is known to choke in the biggest moments, last year’s playoff run for example. Finishing an elimination game with five points on 2/4 shooting as a number one overall pick and passing up an open dunk because the monster shot blocker, Trae Young closes in doesn’t help his case. Not only has he regressed ever since his rookie campaign, he refuses to form a jump-shot. When and if they trade Simmons, expect Embiid to handle even more. The good news is that Embiid at least has Tobias Harris to help out. Expect this team to remain remain competitive and make the playoffs. Their defense is going to take a major hit this year with Simmons gone, however so hopefully they can get some defense in return.

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