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NBA Finals Game 4 Preview

NBA Finals

Heading into Game 4 the Toronto Raptors have a 2-1 lead in the finals. They have also regained some momentum that was lost in Game 2.

After an incredible performance by Steph Curry, the Warriors were blown out on their home court, 123-109, in Game 3. Heading into Game 4 the Warriors need to re-group and find a way to play past injuries.

Injury Issues

The Raptors are taking advantage of the Warriors injury struggles. With Kevin Durant, Kevon Looney and Klay Thompson out and Andre Iguodala looking not 100%, the Warriors are in need of some rest.

But, in Game 4 Klay Thompson is reportedly playing. Thompson is a key part of the Warriors’ puzzle and that was noticeable in Game 3. So, with Thompson coming back the Raptors will need to be ready for his sharp-shooting.

On the other hand, the Raptors have had little to no injury problems throughout the playoffs. There are some questions surrounding Kawhi Leonard’s knee, but he is still playing at a high level. It may be time for the Raptors to let Leonard rest several more minutes in Game 4 to make sure that he is ready to go for the rest of the series.


One of the biggest factors of the games so far has been the depth of both teams. In Game 3 Curry got a taste of a “LeBron” game. Curry put up some crazy numbers but due to the injuries and lack of depth on the Warriors, it didn’t amount to much. This could be a serious problem throughout the rest of the series if the Raptors are able to remain healthy.

NBA Finals Game 4

Pascal Siakam (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Even if the Raptors do suffer some injuries the team as shown that from top to bottom they are able to hang with the Warriors. The return of Thompson will certainly alleviate some of the depth problems. But, in the long run, it may not be enough especially in Game 4.

What to expect

The Warriors need to win Game 4. Even if they are tired and injured they must find a way to win this game. Expect Curry to have another incredible game as well as DeMarcus Cousins to have a great game as well. If the Warriors want to win this game they are going to need their role players to step up big time.

NBA Finals Game 4
DeMarcus Cousins. Photo credited to Getty Images.

But, Cousins is also going to have to play one of his best games ever. Over the series, he has gotten better, but Game 4 needs to be a masterpiece from him.

Realistically the Raptors need to keep doing what they’ve been doing. Game 2 looked like a fluke of a loss. It would be easier to say what the Raptors shouldn’t do in Game 4. If coach Nick Nurse and his team continue to pressure the Warriors with their intense defense and their 50-50 shots continue to fall the Raptors will win this game.

This has been one of the few times, if ever, that the Warriors really feel like they will lose the series. At this point coach, Steve Kerr needs to pull out all stops and his players need to step up.

This game should be neck and neck from beginning to end if those factors are true.

But, being at home and having the championship experience the Warriors will not go down without a fight.

Warriors win 115-108.

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