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Los Angeles Lakers Trade Rumors for 2020 Offseason

Los Angeles Lakers Trade Rumors for 2020 Off-Season

The Los Angeles Lakers may be fresh off the NBA Championship but the trade rumors are still flying. Although the offseason is at a different time this year, trades are still the hot topic of the off season. The Lakers are looking to go back to back and this offseason may be crucial for that to happen.

The Current Roster

As for most NBA teams, it seems as though the current Lakers roster may look a little different this year. Anthony Davis opted out of his contract but it seems as though he is re-signing with the Lakers. Rajon Rondo and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope are expected to opt out of their contract as well. It seems as though Rondo is looking to sign with a different team. Caldwell-Pope is a little more up in the air and it is unknown of where he will end up next season.

The Lakers may lose some current key players in the offseason. Just because there is a loss does not mean the Lakers are not prepared for a gain. There are two main players that seem to be in the Lakers’ sight for this offseason.

Chris Paul

Los Angeles Lakers Trade Rumors for 2020 Off-Season

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This season, Chris Paul was known for his great leadership. As head of the players’ union, Paul collaborated with NBA officials to make the Bubble happen for the NBA. When asked, every player raved about how great Paul has been throughout this whole experience. This is a sure sign of the leadership that Paul is capable of, on and off the court.

Recently, the Lakers have become interested in picking up Chris Paul for this upcoming season. For the 2019-2020 season, Paul was averaging 17.6 points per game with 6.7 assists per game with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The combination of Paul as point guard, LeBron James and Anthony Davis may make it an easy repeat championship for the team.

Derrick Rose

Los Angeles Lakers Trade Rumors for 2020 Off-Season
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Derrick Rose currently plays for the Detroit Pistons and is known for his knee injury that changed his career. This injury took place in 2012 and it seems like the whole NBA fan base has been experiencing his comeback with him. The last two seasons Rose has averaged about 18 points per game and averaged about 27 minutes played each game. These statistics are starting to return to his previous numbers before his injury and are trending upwards. Through all the adversity it seems as though Rose is starting to go back to his old ways.

While Rose may not be the Lakers’ next starting point guard, he could provide some depth for the team. The Lakers have a strong foundation to build on and the groundwork is laid for another championship run. If the Lakers land trades that help support both Davis and James, they may be unstoppable next season.


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