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How Kevin Durant’s Injury Impacts the League


In Game 5 of the NBA Finals, Kevin Durant went down with another injury. Kevin Durant’s injury was in the same leg where he suffered his calf strain.

Many argue that Durant came back too early from this injury. The severity of the original calf strain is unknown.

Kevin Durant's Injury

Image courtesy of Washington Post

Durant is one of the most important players in NBA history. The utmost care should be given to make sure that he is ready to return, even from the most basic of injuries.

In this case, it looks like that did not happen as he was unable to play limited minutes before suffering his injury. Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Durant will likely be out for the entire season. Though, in some cases, it is possible to be fully recovered in eight to nine months.

KD’s Contract

This injury puts Durant in a difficult situation. Many teams have been trying to work out a way to bring one of the all-time talents to their team. The Knicks were seemingly at the forefront of getting Durant as well.

But, now it seems entirely up in the air. If Durant leaves this summer whatever team he goes to will likely not see him play for a full year. A big question for teams now is whether or not pursuing Durant will be the best decision, for the Knicks especially.

There are also a large number of high profile free agents that are all looking to win a ring now. Including, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, and Kemba Walker, etc. Durant’s injury puts a stick in the spokes of how free agency and trading will look this offseason.

Other Injuries

Players and fans need to take this injury as a warning sign. In today’s age surgeries and medicine are incredible. But, getting the proper rest and rehab is still sometimes up in the air.

If Durant is going to have to sit out an entire season of his career this should stick in the minds of other players. While we don’t know exactly why Durant came back there are some theories floating around.

One is that he was tired of being called soft by his haters, another was that this could’ve been his “flu game.” No matter what though it still looks like a rash decision to have brought him back so early from his injury.

Kevin Durant's Injury
Photo credited to Getty Images.

Players should be lobbying for more rest to make sure that they are going to be healthy and able to have a more full career. When a player like Durant goes down with an injury that, likely, could have been prevented, the league needs to step back and take a look at how important it is for the players to get the proper rest they need.

At some point, fans also need to realize how important rest is. Players need a scheduled rest day. Especially after an injury.

Kevin Durant’s injury will play a huge role in free agency this offseason. It also may get the league to implement ways to make sure that their players are coming back fully healthy. As well as getting the proper rest that they need.


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