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Could the NBA be Returning Sooner Rather than Later?

Toronto Raptors

With some States deciding to slowly or even completely open up soon, the NBA is reportedly considering allowing teams to return to practicing and using their team facilities. This then brings up the question, could the NBA be returning sooner rather than later? The last NBA games were played nearly two months ago on March 11 and teams were nearing the end of the season. The Bucks and Lakers were looking like the favorites with the Clipper and Raptors closing the gap

Now that team facilities might be opening back up, it could be a chance for the NBA to return in some form. This would come as a major relief to many sports fans as the last official major event for sports ended just the other day with the NFL Draft. This had the most views in Draft history, likely due to sports fans needing something to watch. Also, the 10-part Docuseries on Michael Jordan and the Bulls that has been airing on ESPN has also captured the world’s attention. It is clear that live sports are something that people are longing for during this crazy time.

Should the NBA return, it would likely be with teams playing in one area, similar to what baseball has proposed. This would also be without fans in the stands. The reason one can believe that the NBA is considering this is due to an article for the NYPost that states that the NBA would not leave out the Knicks or Nets as it looks at returning. Clearly the NBA is trying to find a way to finish the season or at least start and finish the playoffs. This would be a great time to do it as they would be the only thing on TV until the MLB decided to come back as well.

When Could This Happen?

Now the question that should be asked is no longer if the NBA will return but when? It seems as though May could be a pivotal month not only for the NBA but for the United States as the country yearns to return to some form of normalcy. Seeing LeBron and Giannis playing again would certainly help. It would also help for gamblers as they have been looking to Esports to fill their gap. The NBA would be a welcomed sight as even though Vegas the city is shut down, online sport betting would go through the roof.

Davis gets the block on Harrison Barnes, courtesy of Robert Harashiro

With restrictions being lifted, it seems like the NBA will do its best to come back quickly. Not only do they need to finish their season, but the NBA Draft will be coming in June should it stay on schedule. This would mean that sports fans would be getting something to watch for at least a good two months and hopefully, during that time the MLB, NHL, EPL or NFL would also return. It is important to make sure that everyone stays healthy and having these players come out and play would be a huge sacrifice for them. That said, they would be doing the US and potentially the world a huge service to help distract everyone from one of the biggest events in modern history. Here is to hoping the NBA can find its way safely back sooner rather than later.

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