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BREAKING: Lebron to the Lakers

Lebron to the Lakers

Lebron to the Lakers has been confirmed. As per Adrain Wojnarowski’s report, James has just agreed to sign a 4-year 154 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. The NBA world has been discussing LA as one of the most probable destinations for Lebron to create a superteam all season. Yesterday, when he landed in LA, it became all the more likely.

However, Paul George announced last night that he was resigning with the Oklahoma City Thunder. This took the star who many people thought was the most likely star Lebron would be paired with in Los Angeles. After the announcement, other teams began to think they still had a shot to win the Lebron James sweepstakes. In fact, reports stated that James and his management team were listening to pitches from other organizations including the Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Nuggets as recently as this afternoon.

Lebron to the Lakers changes the entire landscape of the NBA. Although Paul George re-signed with the Thunder yesterday, the Lakers can still bring in other big-time pieces. They are in talks with Demarcus Cousins, who, in 2017, Lebron called the best center in the league. They also have been trying to make a trade for Kawhi Leonard from the San Antonio Spurs. Lebron’s arrival immediately makes the team one of the top teams in the league. A tandem of James with either Kawhi or Cousins, though, and they instantly become a significant threat to the Golden State Warriors as well as a true championship contender.

Lebron to the Lakers

What does this mean to the NBA?

While Lebron’s decision affects many other franchises who were hoping to sign him, it hurts none more than the Cleveland Cavaliers. His old team now must think about a full rebuild, possibly around this year’s first round pick Colin Sexton. They also have to make decision on Kevin Love. Although they have been saying they would keep Love even if Lebron leaves, it might be in their best interest to trade him and look at the future.

Lebron’s decision is sending shockwaves through the NBA world. James leaving the Cavs means that the Eastern Conference is now wide open for teams like the Boston Celtics and 76ers. It also turns the Lakers into the prime destination for any remaining free agents. A new super-team is about to be born.

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