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Game Preview: Boston at Golden State

On Tuesday March 5, the Boston Celtics will make their way to a game at Golden State. This game is wildly important for both teams as the season gets closer to the playoffs.

Right now Boston seems lost. After having such high expectations last season to where they are right now has come as a surprise to this team and their fans. They are currently fifth in the Eastern Conference and on a three-game losing streak and have lost their fifth game out of seven.

On the other hand, there are the Warriors. They are currently in a fight for first place with the Denver Nuggets and looking to secure home court for the playoffs.

This could be a great game for Boston to find itself and secure a huge win. It could be a huge game for the Warriors as they look to take home court advantage for another year.

What to watch for

The biggest problem for the Celtics recently seems to be cohesiveness. In an interview guard Marcus Smart said, “We’re just not together…we’re not there yet.” When asked about those comments star point guard Kyrie Irving shook his head and said, “That’s just Marcus’s opinion. But you respect it.” This essentially sums up how much of a divide there is currently. But if the Celtics can manage to play well and put up a good game against the Warriors this could get them back on track.

For the Warriors be looking for really, well, just the Warriors. This is a team that has been used to winning for a long time. But now they are being challenged. It is important for them to maintain that drive and not be knocked around by teams that they should beat.

Of course, also be watching for DeMarcus Cousins. In his most recent run-in with the officials, Cousins was given a technical foul for throwing a shoe off of the court. This technical was later rescinded. But the Center is known for getting an incredibly high amount of technical fouls.

It will be important to see how in such a high stakes game how Cousins reacts to the officials. Especially if he picks up another technical or two.

How they stack up

On paper, the Warriors should win this game. But they have dropped several games this season that they should have won.

Right now the Warriors offense ranks number one in points per game at 118.8. That should be a surprise to nobody. The Celtics rank 12th in points per game trailing the Warriors by six, at 112.5.

But to make up for that the Celtics defense is ranked 7th in points allowed. While the Warriors are ranked 19th in points allowed.

It will be up to Boston’s tough defense to try and hold back the incredible Warriors offense. If the Boston defense is playing its best, then that could help carry them to a win in this game.


This game will likely either be close or a blowout. But Boston really could pull this out if they are playing as a team. If not though, it will get ugly.

If Boston’s playing together, they will win 120-116, if not Warriors win 135-108.

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