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3 Teams that Could Trade for Andre Iguodala

In July, the Memphis Grizzlies acquired an established veteran. They gained a three-time NBA champion, who played a significant role in his previous team’s success. The Grizzlies acquired veteran guard/forward Andre Iguodala.

Memphis received Iguodala in a trade with the Warriors. The Warriors received a traded player exception and forward Julian Washburn when they traded Iguodala. They used the move to clear cap space to acquire D’Angelo Russell. While the move came as a surprise, it was a move they Warriors needed to make.

When the Grizzlies gained Iguodala, they hoped to keep the veteran on their roster. They even wanted him to report for training camp. However, Iguodala had other plans. He wanted to receive a buyout and potentially sign elsewhere. While his desire seemed unlikely, there is now a chance that it happens. According to reports, Iguodala and the Grizzlies have reached an agreement.

Now, Iguodala has a chance to move on as the Grizzlies will allow him to stay away from the team. They do not plan to negotiate a buyout but hope to find a trade. So, fans may see Iguodala elsewhere before February’s trade deadline. With this in mind, here are three teams that can use Iguodala’s services.

Los Angeles Lakers

Anthony Davis joined the Lakers this summer. (Photo by Getty Images)

The Lakers had a busy offseason as they picked up another superstar. They picked up Anthony Davis from the Pelicans through a trade with the Pelicans. The Lakers now have a player to pair with LeBron James as well as a star for their post-LeBron days. Until then, the Lakers have a formidable duo in Davis and James.

Los Angeles is a contending team that could benefit from a veteran such as Iguodala. His experience with a championship team, as well as his defense can take the Lakers to the next level. The Lakers have another defensive threat in Danny Green, and their two stars are exceptional defenders in their own right. The addition of “Iggy” could take the Lakers’ defense to the next level.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Lakers’ division (and arena) rival also had a successful offseason as they landed two stars. They landed Kawhi Leonard during free agency and received Paul George through a trade. So, the Clippers have instantly become one of the top teams in the Western Conference.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. (Photo by Getty Images)

Last year, the Clippers were the eighth seed of the West. They won two games against the Golden State Warriors in the first round of the playoffs. Although they lost the series, the Clippers proved why they were an attractive free-agent destination. So much so, they landed two huge stars.

George and Leonard are exceptional two-way players, meaning they can play well on both ends of the floor. The Clippers already have an excellent defender in Patrick Beverly and the addition of George and Leonard makes the Clippers even more dangerous on the defensive end. What better way to top it off than with a championship-winning, skilled defender in Iguodala. The addition of Iguodala could help the Clippers tremendously and could be the final move they need to become elite.

Houston Rockets

Russell Westbrook and James Harden will reunite this season. (Photo by NBAE/Getty Images)

The Houston Rockets are one of the top teams of the West but have not gotten over the hump. Every year, they lose to a team like the Golden State Warriors and were in desperate need of a move. They did so by acquiring Russell Westbrook.

The Rockets acquired Westbrook by trading Chris Paul to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Houston has a new star to pair with James Harden, as they compete with teams such as the Clippers or Lakers.

While defense is Iguodala’s strong suit, the veteran has another skill: he is a skilled playmaker.

Iguodala is a playmaker who can potentially complement Harden and Westbrook, who are also playmakers/ballhandlers So, the Rockets can benefit from someone such as Iguodala.

Iguodala is a respected veteran who can still help out a team. He fits these teams (as well as others), and there is a good chance he lands with one of them. If not, another team will benefit from his presence.


Featured Image courtesy of Tim Warner/Getty Images

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