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21/22 NBA Training Camp: Everything To Know About It

The 2021/22 NBA season is fast approaching and the fact that training camp is just around the corner is the biggest indicator as to how soon the competitive basketball action on the court will be taking place.

Teams will be working hard to make sure that they have a successful campaign, especially given that this is the 75th year that the competition has taken place, thus making it incredibly special for everyone involved.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets are two star-studded franchises and both of them will start the 2021/22 preseason calendar off on October 3, in what will be a highly-anticipated contest and one that will provide some of the very best action. Therefore, it would be no real surprise if bettors were to look to use the free bet sign up promotional offer provided by Unibet on this contest to further enhance their own experiences of the 75th anniversary of this competitive basketball league.

What is the Training Camp?

NBA training camps are considered to be the perfect time for an organization to glue together and be fully evaluated ahead of the upcoming season, as many franchises will have used the offseason as a chance to make changes to their teams.

Organizations will have made a variety of changes to their teams for various reasons and the camp will provide them the ideal time to ensure that everyone is on the same page and is able to know exactly what their role is and what is expected of them when they are given the opportunity to perform on the court.

Coaches will be able to get the first look at their squad and be able to decide who does what role best or who can do a particular job, whilst it will also present them with the opportunity to outline the tactics that they want to implement to the best ability of the players that they have available to them.

Players benefit greatly with training camps

In addition, NBA training camp is also crucially important for players, as well. For rookies who will have been drafted into the organization, it will have been the first time that they will have been exposed to a professional basketball environment and it will be the first time that they will get to work under their new coach and learn what they need to know in order to become a key player for the team.

Furthermore, other players within the team will also get the opportunity to learn about their new teammates and find out a little about them, which can then improve chemistry which can have a highly positive effect in regards to performances on the court.

Another huge positive that the NBA training camp can provide players in the league with is the time to allow for them to get back up to the peak physical condition that they need to be at in order to perform at the highest level.

There is no doubt that these athletes all look after themselves when in the offseason, however there will be aspects that can only be achieved when with the team, whilst they will also continually be pushed and worked as hard as they can to ensure they are ready.

When does the NBA training camp start?

September 28, 2021, has been put into the calendar for NBA teams to begin their training camps, which means they have three weeks in order to prepare before the start of the 2021/22 NBA regular season.

The season will begin on October 19 and with the full set of 82 games scheduled to take place in this 75th anniversary season.

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