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The best pick in each round of the NBA 2K League Draft

In case you missed it, the NBA 2K League Draft took place on April 4. It allowed all 17 teams to draft their rosters for the upcoming NBA 2K League season. With that, here’s who was the best pick in each round of the NBA 2K League Draft.

Round 1

As one might expect, there was a lot of talented players taken in the first round. It would be too easy to say that Dimez, aka Artreyo Boyd, was my favorite pick since he was taken at #1 and was considered by many to be the top player in the entire draft. My favorite pick was #16, where Hood Is Glitchy was taken by Cavs Legion GC. Hood is a highly skilled and experienced player, and no doubt a top player out of the 102. The fact that he fell to the end of the first round made him a steal! He is one of the best offensive players both in pro-am and the NBA 2K League, and his dribbling, court vision and passing skills should all be put to good use as he runs the Cleveland offense from the point guard position this season. 

The best pick in each round of the NBA 2K League Draft
via Twitter @CavsLegionGC

Round 2

Much like the first, round two was also full of talent. I’m a big fan of a lot of the players taken here, like iiNsaniTTy, Worthingcolt and Detoxys. My favourite pick was MaJes7ic, taken at #28 by Heat Check Gaming. He’s got a lot of experience with top pro-am teams like Slight Work. He’s also proven to be a very versatile player, moving between point guard and shooting guard regularly and transitioning seamlessly between on-ball and off-ball offense. He also brings his aggressive defense at either position. Expect to see him do great things this season, playing under the guidance of FamousEnough.

The best pick in each round of the NBA 2K League Draft
via Twitter @HeatCheckGaming

Round 3

In the third round, Timelycook was drafted by Kings Guard Gaming. He brings LAN playing experience, having played on the Still Trill team that won $250k on the big stage in New Orleans on NBA 2K17. He’s also one of the most versatile players in the 102, having moved between lockdown SF, big, and point guard within the last two years and playing all those positions at a high level. He also brings loyalty, passion and a vocal presence at the PG position. With that in mind, I’m not sure how he dropped so low. He went at #38 when it was predicted he would go in round one. Either way, Sacramento got themselves a steal. I’m looking forward to seeing how he performs surrounded by top talents like Mootyy and Worthingcolt.

The best pick in each round of the NBA 2K League Draft
via Twitter @KingsGuardGG

Round 4

This was a tough choice for me, but I’ve chosen vGooner- as my top pick for this round. I was also considering iBall x ToXsiK, however, I went with Gooner in the end. He’s one of three Europeans to get drafted and is arguably the most skilled and best known EU prospect. He’s dominated the EU pro-am scene on PS4, leading New Wave to the NBA 2K17 EU All-Star Tournament finals, and leading Rise Above to the #1 spot on the leaderboards in NBA 2K18. His court vision, scoring and defense should all be put to good use as the starting point guard. Gooner was predicted to go in round one of lots of mock drafts, so Indiana also got themselves a steal.

The best pick in each round of the NBA 2K League Draft
via Twitter @Pacers_Gaming

Round 5

While there was a surprising amount of good players selected in this round, my favorite pick was LykAPro, aka Promeister. He’ll be using LykAPro as his name for the league, and he’s definitely a good pick up for Golden State. He’s an experienced pro-am player, having been an MPBA champion before getting drafted. He won the MPBA MIT Championship with Old School fairly recently. I was shocked he fell this far, especially considering his talent, but the Warriors did a good job capitalizing on the depth of the draft pool at the point guard position. Being selected at #85 should provide him with motivation this season, expect to see him shine at point guard.

The best pick in each round of the NBA 2K League Draft
via Twitter @WarriorsGaming

Round 6

This was the final round of the draft. Teams were free to draft at all position as the starting lineups had already been filled. At #92, my favorite pick was KingQuai614 of Raptors Uprising GC. He’s been around the pro-am community for a while, previously playing with TrollBoyTre, a well-known member of the community, for Flight Elite in NBA 2K17. He had some good combine stats, even getting a quadruple-double in one game at center. He’s also shown some versatility, playing both power forward and center in the combine. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do coming off the bench this season.

via Twitter @RaptorsGC

That’s who I think is the best pick in each round of the NBA 2K League Draft. The Tip-Off tournament starts on May 1st, so stay tuned for some NBA 2K League action !

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