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Post Tournament NBA 2k League Power Rankings

NBA 2k League Power Rankings

The NBA 2k League kicked off season one with a five day, 17-team round-robin tournament for a $100,000 prize pool. We saw blowouts, shootouts, great defense and great individual performances from top players. But above all, we saw two great teams meet in the championship game. 76ers Gaming beat Blazer5 Gaming by a score of 75 to 66. These organization had the 14th and 6th picks respectively of the first round and built incredible teams from top to bottom. So without further adieu, let’s examine where each team stacks up in my NBA 2k League power rankings.

Ranking System

These NBA 2k power rankings are based on three specific points of analysis: point differential per game, tournament standings, and eye test. It only fair that these teams are judged by their performances this weekend. It becomes too murky and unpredictable to introduce “projected success” into these rankings.

Nba 2k league Power Rankings: 17-10

17) Grizz Gaming –  Point Differential/Game:(-20), Tournament Rank:17th, Record:(0-4)

This was pretty straightforward. The Grizz struggled in all facets of the game. They suffered a 24 point loss at the hands of Pacers Gaming and a staggering 41 point loss to Mavs Gaming.

16) Magic Gaming – Point Differential/Game:(-11.33), Tournament Rank: 16th, Record:(0-3)

The Magic, if they had to play teams like Grizz Gaming did, would likely have a similar point differential. They were also the only other team who did not win a game during the tournament.

15) Heat Check Gaming – Point Differential/Game:(-12), Tournament Rank: 15th, Record:(1-3)

Heat Check Gaming was one of the more disappointing performances during the tournament. I do think this team is in a position to get better quickly with their two-man game of Hotshot and MaJes7ic, as well as the leadership from their coach.

14) Wizards Gaming District – Point Differential/Game:(-4.67), Tournament Rank: 14th, Record:(1-2)

The problem right now is that they aren’t getting reasonable production from the Small Forward position. Through three games, ReeseDaGod23 is averaging 5 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists per game. It’s also worth mentioning that in the Wizards’ only win, they were 15/31 in three pointers and only won by five points.

13) Knicks Gaming – Point Differential/Game:(-1.67), Tournament Rank: 13th, Record:(1-2)

Their point differential per game indicates that they were competitive in every game, which they were. This is a balanced team in terms of scoring, but, they have to shoot the ball better from behind the arc. In their three games, they shot on average 27% from three and that needs to improve moving forward.

12) Bucks Gaming – Point Differential/Game:(-1), Tournament Rank: 12th, Record:(1-2)

The Bucks were being compared to the Pacers for much of the week in terms of play style. For the most part, that’s accurate. However, there is a stark difference at the Small Forward position. STL, the Small Forward for the Bucks, in two games (the box score for his third game is unavailable) averaged 4 points, 2 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game.

11) Kings Guard – Point Differential/Game:(-0.67), Tournament Rank: 11th, Record:(1-2)

This team won’t be outside the top 10 for long. They are simply too talented. With more time to develop, they will turn those close losses into wins.

10) Jazz Gaming – Point Differential/Game:(+0.25), Tournament Rank: 8th, Record:(2-2)

This is the first real shake up and it’s all about talent. There are two teams who didn’t make the final group ranked ahead of Utah because they, in my opinion, are more talented.

NBa 2k LEague Power Rankings: 9-5

9) Raptors Uprising – Point Differential/Game:(0.0), Tournament Rank: 10th, Record:(1-2)

While the Raptors’ point differential isn’t as good as the Jazz, it’s marginal. They had to face both championship teams in their first group. Their two-man game of Kenny and Yusuf is going to get better and Yusuf was one of the only Centers to get the best of OneWildWalnut in this tournament.

8) Warriors Gaming – Point Differential/Game:(+1.25), Tournament Rank: 7th, Record:(2-2)

The Warriors have a clear identity, which is great. Vert was one of the best players in group play averaging 27 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists. This production came to a halt when he matched up against Ramo in the quarterfinals. If this team wants to compete they absolutely have to get better production from their back court.

7) Cltx Gaming – Point Differential/Game:(+7.25), Tournament Rank: 9th, Record:(3-1)

You could consider this to be shakeup number two. Even though the Celtics missed the final cut, they have the fourth best point differential thus far, despite blowing a big lead to the Mavs in group play. This team is going to be a contender, and thus, is ranked higher than two teams who made the final cut.

6) Pistons GT – Point Differential/Game:(-5.40), Tournament Rank: 3rd, Record:(3-2)

The Pistons are a team that should not rest on their laurels. They are the only team to make the final cut with a negative point differential and had the fourth worst point differential of all the teams. Ramo is great, but this team needs to score more points, as they only eclipsed the 60 point mark once, and score just 48 points in their semi-final game versus the 76ers.

5) Pacers Gaming – Point Differential/Game:(+3.8), Tournament Rank: 6th, Record:(3-2)

The Pacers were one of the more intriguing teams entering the tournament. They were also the talking point of a minor controversy surrounding the “stiff arm” animation used by Wolf to get to the basket. Not to mention, how they would incorporate Vgooner from UK into the offense. This team has an identity and will continue to get better throughout the season.

nba 2k league Power Rankings: 4-1

4) Mavs Gaming – Point Differential/Game:(+8.40), Tournament Rank: 5th, Record:(3-2)

Mavs Gaming is in a good position, despite their blowout loss to the 76ers. Dimez did not disappoint. It was important from a branding perspective that he perform like the number one pick, and he certainly did. However, this tournament taught us that one great player does not make you a great team. Mavs Gaming will no doubt improve and will likely develop into a great, not good, team.

3) Cavs Legion GC – Point Differential/Game:(+4.40), Tournament Rank: 4th, Record:(3-2)

Any conversation about Cavs Legion has to start with Hood. Hood asserted himself as a dominant player and the most prolific scorer at the Small Forward position in the league. This is a team that can win shootouts, but had some issues with the Bucks in group play. Hood was “held” to a modest 23 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists. Overall, this is a dangerous team that showed they can score with anyone.

2) Blazer5 Gaming – Point Differential/Game:(+8.16), Tournament Rank: 2nd, Record:(5-1)

It’s a shame the Blazers couldn’t finish the tournament at 6-0 and the undisputed best team in the league entering the regular season. We have to start with OneWildWalnut. He was the emotional leader of this team and a force during the tournament. His play, combined with Mamma Im Dat Man and Dat Boy Shotz, allowed them to dismantle the Pacers by 20 in the quarterfinals. This team is incredibly versatile and should be a favorite moving forward.

1) 76ers GC – Point Differential/Game:(+7.67), Tournament Rank: 1st, Record:(5-1)

The 76ers deserved to win the tournament led by the magnificent play of their point guard, Radiant. Steez was also a critical reason why they did not lose a game since their first round match up with the Blazers in group play. But the shock of the tournament was 6th round pick ZDS’ performance in the championship game. His 19 points was just too much for the Blazers to overcome.


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