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National PUBG League Contenders: Week Four

National PUBG League

Now that the National PUBG League has concluded with Tempo Storm winning phase one, the Contenders are up to finish it out. Mustache Dave have managed to keep their spot at the top since the beginning, but competition is going to be tough in this final week for the NPL Contenders. Will Mustache Dave be able to hold on to their top position, or will someone new take it?

Match One

National PUBG League
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The first match of the day saw a Chicken Dinner for Leggo Your Ego. The match came down to a firefight between two members of Leggo Your Ego and a solo member of Soniqs. Soniqs tried to heal up after taking damage multiple times, but they were not able to hold off the constant barrage of bullets from Leggo Your Ego. They finished the game with a headshot to give them six kills. This moved them from eighth to sixth place.

Match Two

Match number two was claimed by ReinvenT. They put up a huge Chicken Dinner earning 12 kills. They took down Kru as the circle closed in on both of them. ReinvenT used the cover of a house to keep Kru close to the blue zone. This win was very important, earning ReinvenT some much-needed points.

Match Three

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The third match of the day went to PlayerOne. This was a huge win for them, as it boosted them into second place chasing Mustache Dave. They put up a huge 15-kill Chicken Dinner over GGWP. They overcame a three versus one situation on the hills of Miramar with ease. With the proper amount of points in the final match, they could overtake the leaders and win the day.


Match Four

As the final match came to an end, Soniqs emerged victorious with a 10-kill win. They finished off Zenith Esports to secure their win and their points in a crawling battle in an open field. Even though Soniqs claimed the Chicken Dinner, PlayerOne got the most important result. The points they gained from this match were just what they needed to overtake Mustache Dave and move into the top position. It was a very impressive comeback that they pulled off with teamwork and precision.

The Final Standings

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The Contenders have concluded phase one with PlayerOne coming out on top. Mustache Dave controlled the table for the entire competition, but PlayerOne gave the final push that they needed to stop their impressive run.

With PlayerOne coming in first, they were followed by Mustache Dave in second, ReinvenT in third and Elevate in fourth. All of the teams fought hard, but some showed that they wanted it more than the rest of their competitors.

Relegation Matches

Now the top 10 will be facing off against the bottom six from the National PUBG League to see who will be earning a move up and who will be dropping down. The relegation matches will take place March 22 through March 24. All of the teams will be fighting their hearts out to show that they deserve to be in the NPL. Who will move up and who will remain a contenders team?

Tune in next week for coverage of the relegation matches in the National PUBG League!

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