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What to do During the MLB Lockout

What to do During the MLB Lockout

Many people may be wondering about things they can do during a lockout. They may feel hopeless or lost. There is nothing going on with baseball right now. Yes, this is partially because this is baseball’s offseason, but this is not the reason why very little is being discussed. There is no activity going on whatsoever because of a lockout. Here are ideas of what to do during the MLB lockout.


It sounds silly and overly simplified, but it’s meant to be. All anybody can do is wait. MLB teams can look at their minor league players and see what they can do with that. General managers can also check out any coaching staff issues that may arise. This is pretty much any MLB team can do at the moment.

This isn’t the most fun way or extravagant thing to do during a lockout. It is also something that is inevitable. Since nothing can be done about baseball among teams, waiting is really the only option on their part. While the teams sit and wait, more options come about.

Improve on Golfing Skills/Technique

Why not catch a little sun and try to improve upon golfing skills? Many players probably have their own set of clubs during the off-season or if during the playoffs if they didn’t make it. Why not take advantage of this?

Players around the league are probably taking advantage of this right now. As a matter of fact, some MLB players have extraordinary golf skills. For example, current New York Mets player Jeff McNeil is number one on the list. Baseball was only supposed to be McNeil’s backup plan. His first love was golf, but when he didn’t get the scholarship offers, he accepted Long Beach State’s baseball offer instead.

Tyler Clippard is another one. Clippard was on the Arizona Diamondbacks until he elected free agency on November 4, 2021. Golf was his main sport in high school, sending out letters to colleges throughout the country for golf scholarships. Although baseball is doing him well, he doesn’t stop his golf game.

A familiar name among Yankee fans, Aaron Hicks is number three on the list. Growing up practicing golf on the same golf course as Tiger Woods, golf is what he wanted to do. Tiger was who he wanted to be. Hick’s life changed at age 12, when he discovered baseball, which he fully committed to. Baseball, Yankee fans especially, are very thankful he chose baseball. Thanks, Aaron!

Watch More Hockey

This is specifically for other sports fans. Baseball is great, but with nothing going on, it is good to focus on other sports like hockey. As one of the greatest sports ever, fans can look outside of baseball. Even MLB players can focus on other sports.

Right now, hockey, football and basketball are going on. Just sit back and watch these games. As a matter of fact, the New York Rangers game just ended around 30 minutes ago. They beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-0 after a dominated performance by goalie Igor Shesterkin and hat trick by Mika Zibanejad.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with kicking off the shoes, propping them up, finding your favorite treat and watching sports, even if it isn’t baseball. Fellow sports fans understand this. It feels good to watch sports. It gets the adrenaline pumping, especially if the game is close or a lot of pressure is going against the favored team. Here is some advice. If people are looking for what to do during the MLB lockout, watch more sports. It is good for the soul.


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