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Three Positives from the First Few Reds Games

As of writing this, the Reds currently sit at 1-3 which is well below what people hoped for this team. they are expected to not only be a playoff team but one that can make a deep run. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has reared its ugly head causing the Reds to lose a couple of players for a few games. Between the less than desirable record and the virus, Cincinnati fans are definitely not feeling the excitement that they felt after Opening Day.

Because of that, fans may need a bit of a pick-me-up. Some positives from the weekend to help reset their mindset. With that, here are three positives from the first few games.

1. Sonny Gray, Luis Castillo and Trevor Bauer

It would be an absolute crime to not start the positives with these three. They were lights-out in their three starts and showed that should the Reds get into the playoffs that they will be formidable. In a three or even seven-game series having to face Gray, Castillo and Bauer in a row will be killer for the opposing team.

Not only did they strikeout a healthy amount of batters but between the three of them they only gave up three runs or one run each. If one is into betting then check out the MLB odds here whenever these three are starting. The team’s odds are usually better whenever they are on the mound and if they’re switched out, those odds may change. Keep an eye out for any future games where these three start.

2. Mike Moustakas is Going to Rake

First, and definitely most importantly, if Mike Moustakas does have COVID-19, everyone hopes that he feels better soon. Truthfully nothing matters more than that.

For the first two games of the season, Moose showed that he can absolutely hit the ball with authority and showed the Reds that they had made a great decision when signing him. Going 4-8 with a homer and four RBIs helped propel the Reds to their only win this season. There is little doubt that he is going to love GABP and with all the talent surrounding him, he is going to feast.

3. Joey Votto Might be Back

Remember the old Joey Votto that was perenially concerning for MVP? Well he may be back. In an extremely small sample size, like the rest of these players, he is 7-18 with two homeruns, five RBIs and only one strikeout. Up to this point he has been everything that the Reds could have hoped for.

NL Potential Bounce Back Players
Image from Sporting News

Well, other than being unlucky. While it sounds weird to say that considering how well he is hitting this season, basically every out Votto has committed has been a “loud out”. He smacked the ball but consistently right at opposing players. This has resulted in a couple of double-plays and unfortunately two game-ending outs. If Votto can keep hitting the ball well then he will eventually find that the ball won’t always go at someone and if this happens, there is a chance this man hits .400+ in this shortened season.

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