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Ranking the Farm: Top 100 Rookies and Prospects by Team

Ranking the Farm

If you are a dynasty fantasy baseball guru, you’re probably already familiar with the future generation of the MLB found here. This list is issued and updated by to analyze and rank the top 100 rookies and prospects across Major League Baseball. Many recognize blue-chip prospect names such as Yoan Moncada and Lucas Giolito.

These young stars were involved in major trades this winter and many expect them to contribute in 2016. However, the White Sox haven’t been the only team building their farm system. The rest of the league also looks to cement their future with their own crop of top-tier talent. With this in mind, The Game Haus takes a shot at ranking the farm to determine which clubs have set themselves up for success.

SEPTEMBER 6: Yoan Moncada #65 of the Boston Red Sox (Now White Sox) (Getty Images)

For this ranking, a quick analysis was completed based on the positional ranking provided on First, a value was given based on ranking. For example, Yoan Moncada is worth 100 points at number one, Bradley Zimmer is worth 75 points at number 25, etc.

Second, these values were summed by the number of prospects on each team. Finally, an average is calculated by the number of prospects to give a general sense of prospect quality. Note: Rankings are based on overall sum, not on average.


Top 100 Farm Rankings by Team:

*Disclaimer* There are still moves to be made as the rumor mill continues to churn. This could affect the analysis completed here as teams continue to solidify their position heading into spring training. However, this should provide a high level snapshot of each team’s current farm system and how they stack up around the league.

Team RankTeamTeam # of Top 100Sum ScoreAverage Score
1Milwaukee Brewers840650.8
2New York Yankees640567.5
3Chicago White Sox639666.0
4Pittsburgh Pirates535470.8
5Atlanta Braves732746.7
6Philadelphia Phillies427067.5
7Colorado Rockies525450.8
8Boston Red Sox325183.7
9San Diego Padres423659.0
10Los Angeles Dodgers622437.3
11Cincinnati Reds420551.3
12Houston Astros520440.8
13Tampa Bay Rays317157.0
14Cleveland Indians517034.0
15Chicago Cubs416441.0
16Minnesota Twins414335.8
17New York Mets213668.0
18Oakland Athletics413433.5
19St. Louis Cardinals313344.3
20Washington Nationals211758.5
21Seattle Mariners211457.0
22Toronto Blue Jays36722.3
23Miami Marlins16464.0
24Texas Rangers14545.0
25Detroit Tigers13535.0
26San Francisco Giants22512.5
27Arizona Diamondbacks000.0
28Baltimore Orioles000.0
29Kansas City Royals000.0
30Los Angeles Angels000.0

Top 3 Analysis:

The Brewers are a team that has been rebuilding for a number of years. The Yankees were incredibly active at the 2016 trade deadline and it has paid dividends heading into 2017. The White Sox are largely considered to have won the winter meetings, securing top talent via offseason trades. The top three on this list utilized different methods, but all three are well positioned for the future.

AUGUST 28: Lucas Giolito #44 of the Washington Nationals (Now White Sox) (Getty Images)

Farm systems are clearly comprised of far more than a team’s top ranked prospects. These rankings do not take into account an organizations draft, or many of their Low / High / Single “A” ball players still working through the minors.

Several of the players factored in here have already made an MLB debut.  Many more will compete for a contributing roll in 2017 and will almost certainly be seen by the 2018 season. While not comprehensive, the above is a strong depiction of those organizations who have impact players waiting in the wings.

Where is your team positioned heading into the future?




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