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New York Yankees World Series Championships History Part IV

New York Yankees World Series

Many have witnessed sports history, but there is only one team that has truly lived a lifetime’s worth. Here is the New York Yankees World Series Championships History Part IV.


This World Series featured the Yankees facing their cross-town rivals yet again, the Brooklyn Dodgers.  This series went back-and-forth, with the Dodgers taking game one, the Yankees game two and so on. However, the Yankees took games six and seven. Here is how it happened.

In game one, Jackie Robinson was the first to score a run, getting a homer to make it 1-0 Dodgers.

Gil McDougald tied it up on a HR the following inning.

In the sixth, Duke Snider homered, scoring Pee Wee Reese, giving the Dodgers a 3-1 lead.

Later in the game, Hank Bauer flied out, scoring Gene Woodling.

Reese homered in the bottom of the eighth to make it 4-2 and the final score of the game.

In game two, the Dodgers scored first on a single by Roy Campanella, scoring Reese. This Dodgers run ended up being their only run in the game.

It was all Yankees from this point on as Yogi Berra Flied out, scoring Mickey Mantle.

Billy Martin singled, scoring McDougald to give the Yankees a 2-1 lead.

In the sixth inning, the Yankees poured it on when Joe Collins grounded out, scoring Mantle. McDougald singled to score Woodling. Martin then hit a three-run HR to score Collins and McDougald. This was the final score with the Yankees winning 7-1.

The Yankees scored early in game three, but they didn’t hold their lead long. After Eddie Lopat singled, scoring Bauer, Robinson tied it up the following inning on a flyball to score Carl Furillo.

Reese later singled, scoring Billy Cox. Andy Pafko flied out, scoring Robinson late in the game to make it 3-1 Dodgers.

Berra homered in the bottom of the eighth, but Reese and Robinson scored on a passed ball to make it 5-2.

Johnny Mize homered to make it 5-3 final as the Dodgers take game three.

Game four had less offense as the Yankees won it 2-0 on a homer by Mize and a triple by Mantle, who scored on a throwing error.

Game five was anybody’s game, but the Dodgers won it 6-5 in 11 innings.

Pafko singled to score Robinson, making it 1-0 Dodgers.

Later in the game, Reese flied out, scoring Gil Hodges and Snider homered to score Carl Erskine. The Yankees were now losing 4-0, but they did manage to come back, but it was short-lived.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, Irv Noren singled, scoring Bauer. McDougald grounded out, scoring Martin. Later in the inning, Mize homered, scoring McDougald and Phil Rizzuto. This gave them five runs, which ended up being the only runs they scored this game.

Snider singled to score Cox, tying it up 5-5, until the top of the 11th when Snider did it again on a double, scoring Cox to win it.

With the Yankees on the verge of losing the World Series, they knew they had to do something about, which they did.

In game six, it was scoreless until the bottom of the sixth inning when Snider homered to make it 1-0 Dodgers.

Berra tied it up in the bottom of the seventh on a solo HR, until Vic Raschi singled to score Woodling.

Mantle made it 3-1 Yankees on a solo HR in the top of the eighth.

The Dodgers tried a comeback, but failed, although Snider homered to make it 3-2 final as the Yankees survived to live another day.

In game seven, Mize singled to score Rizzuto, making it 1-0 Yankees.

Hodges tied it up on a lineout, scoring Snider.

Woodling homered to make it 2-1 Yankees.

Reese singled to score Cox, tying it up again, 2-2.

Mantle gave the Yankees the lead back on a HR in the top of the sixth.

Mantle earned another RBI in a singe, scoring McDougald. This made the score 4-2 Yankees and was the final score. The Yankees win it all again!


This series had the Yankees face the Dodgers again, but this time the Yankees claimed victory in six game. Here is the results of each game.

In game one, the Yankees got to work early in the bottom of the first when Bauer tripled to score Collins. Martin hit a bases loaded triple to score Bauer, Mantle and Woodling, making it 4-0 Yankees.

Jim Gilliam homered to give the Dodgers a run.

Berra homered as well to give the Yankees back their four-run lead.

Hodges got a solo HR and George Shuba also homered, scoring Cox. The Yankees now only had a one-run lead.

Furillo singled to score Campanella to tie it up 5-5.

Collins got a solo HR, Johnny Sain doubled to score Martin and Rizzuto and Collins singled to score Sain to give the Yankees a 9-5 lead, which was the final score.

In game two, Berra flied out, scoring Woodling.

Later in the game, Cox doubled, scoring Hodges and Furillo, giving the Dodgers a 2-1 lead.

Mantle homered, scoring Bauer, making it 4-2 and the Yankees won game two.

Game three was scoreless entering the top of the fifth inning until the Yankees made it 1-0 on a McDougald single, scoring Martin.

Cox tied in on a fielder’s choice sacrifice bunt, scoring Robinson.

Robinson singled to score Snider.

Woodling tied it on a single, scoring Bauer.

Campanella made it 3-2 Dodgers on a solo HR, which was the final score as the Dodgers take game three.

The Dodgers got started early in game four, scoring three in the bottom of the first. Robinson singled to score Gilliam and then Snider doubled to score Hodges and Campanella.

Gilliam added to the lead on a double to score Furillo.

The Yankees cut the lead in half on a two-run HR by McDougald, scoring Martin.

Snider homers and Gilliam lines out to score Cox, giving the Dodgers their four-run lead back.

Snider adds to it on a double, scoring Campanella.

Mantle singles to score Woodling, but it isn’t enough as the Dodgers win game four 7-3.

Game five was full of offense for both teams for a total of 25 hits and 18 runs.

The Yankees made it 1-0 on a Woodling homer, but Furillo tied it on a fielder’s choice, scoring Campanella.

Collins reached base on a ground ball error, scoring Rizzuto. Mantle hit a grand slam to score Collins, Bauer and Berra to make it 6-1 Yankees.

Snider singled to score Gilliam later in the game.

Martin homered to score Berra and Jim McDonald doubled to score Rizzuto.

Berra added to the lead on a flyball, scoring Collins.

In the bottom of the eighth, Furillo singled to score Robinson. Cox homers to score Campanella and Furillo. This made it 10-6 Yankees.

McDougald gets a solo HR in the top of the ninth for the Yankees and Gilliam homers as well for the Dodgers. The final score was 11-7 Yankees, taking game five.

In game six, the Dodgers need to win to bring it to game seven, but this did not take place.

The Yankees scored early to take the lead. Berra hit a ground-rule double, scoring Woodling. Later in the inning, Martin reach base on a ground ball error, scoring Bauer.

Woodling added to the lead on a flyball in the bottom of the second, scoring Rizzuto.

Campanella gave the Dodgers a run on a groundout, scoring Robinson.

Furillo tied the game in the top of the ninth on a two-run homer, scoring Snider.

Martin won it in the bottom of the ninth on a single, scoring Bauer. The final score was 4-3 Yankees to win another World Series, again keeping the Dodgers from a Championship.


This year, the Yankees made history as Don Larson pitched a perfect game. It was the only time in the history of the World Series, that this ever happened and it still holds to this day.

New York Yankees World Series

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Game one started out with the Yankees getting runs early, but the Dodgers took over this game.

Mantle homered, scoring Enos Slaughter, but then Robinson homered and Furillo doubled, scoring Hodges, tying the game 2-2. Hodges homered, scoring Reese and Snider, giving the Dodgers a 5-2 lead. Martin got a solo HR, but this was the last of the runs for the Yankees. Sandy Amoros singled to score Campanella, giving the Dodgers a 6-3 lead, which would be the final score.



Game two was a different story as each team had 12 hits and there were a total of 21 runs scored.

Collins started it off with a singles, scoring Slaughter.

Larsen singled, scoring martin and Berra hit a grand slam, scoring Larsen, Slaughter and Mantle.

The Dodgers came back in the bottom of the second as Campanella flied out, scoring Hodges. Reese singled to score Amoros and Furillo. Snider homered to score Gilliam and Reese to tie it 6-6.

Don Bessent singled, scoring Hodges, but Slaughter flied out and Tom Morgan scored to tie it again.

Hodges doubled to score Snider and Robinson, giving the Dodgers a 9-7 lead.

Hodges doubled again in the fifth inning, scoring Snider and Robinson.

Gilliam singled to score Furillo and Campanella.

Collins grounded out and Slaughter scored to make it 13-8 Dodgers as they take game two.

The Yankees had a lot of work to do to keep themselves in this.

In game three, Campanella flied out to score Robinson in the top of the second inning. Martin tied it up on a solo HR.

Snider flied out, scoring Reese and then the Yankees’ Slaughter hit a three-run HR, scoring Bauer and Berra.

Charlie Neal reached on a ground ball error, scoring Hodges.

Late in the game, Berra hit a double, scoring Collins to make it 5-3 Yankees, final score.

In game four, Berra got a single, scoring Collins, but Hodges tied it on a single, scoring Snider.

Martin singled, scoring Mantle and McDougald hit a sacrifice flyball, scoring Slaughter. This made it 3-1 Yankees.

Mantle and Bauer added to the lead on a solo HR and a two-run HR, scoring Andy Carey.

Campanella singled to score Robinson in what was a 6-2 final. The Yankees take game four.

Game five is historic, as it was the only game in which a pitcher pitched a perfect game in a World Series.

Mantle hit a solo HR in the bottom of the fourth inning and then Bauer singled, scoring Carey to make it a 2-0 final.

Game six was another pitching duel as it was scoreless the entire game, bringing it to extras.

Robinson hit a walk-off single, scoring Gilliam to make it a 1-0 final. Wow! It wasn’t as if nothing was happening. The Yankees had seven hits and the Dodgers had four. The only hit that mattered was the one driving in the winning run.

It came down to game seven, which was a blowout by the Yankees.

Berra homered to score Bauer early in the game.

Berra homered again, scoring Martin to make it 4-0 Yankees.

Elston Howard hit a solo HR and Bill Skowron hits a grand slam after an intentional walk was issued to Berra. Karma! Martin, Berra and Mantle scored. The score was now 9-0 and was the final score, leading Yankees to another World Series against their rivals.

Also, there was a new addition to the World Series, the Series MVP. This came about the year before and established which player earned the right to be the World Series Most Valuable Player. This year, it was Don Larsen.


This was a tough series for the Yankees, but they pulled it out after being down three games to one.

In game one, Skowron homered to give the Yankees a 1-0 lead. This didn’t last as Del Crandall singled to score Henry Aaron and Warren Spahn singled, scoring Crandall.

The Yankees took the lead on Bauer’s two-run HR, scoring Whitey Ford. These three runs are the only ones scored by the Yankees.

Wes Convingon flies out, scoring Eddie Mathews. This ties the game up at 3-3.

Now in the bottom of the 10th inning, Bill Bruton singles, scoring Joe Adcock in walk-off fashion, winning it for the Braves, 4-3.

Game two started off with a ton of runs in favor of the Braves. First, the Yankees got on the scoreboard on an Howard groundout, scoring Bauer. Then, Bruton homered and Covington singled to scored Red Schoendienst to make it 2-1.

Later in the inning, Johnny Logan singled, scoring Aaron and Covington. Lew Burdette came up next to hit a three-run HR, scoring Crandall and Logan. This made it 7-1 Braves after the first inning.

Covington singles to score Mathews and Mantle homered to cut into the Braves lead.

Frank Torre singled, scoring Aaron and Crandall flied out, scoring Felix Mantilla who came in as a pinch runner for Covington.

Mathews singled to score Bruton and Schoendienst and then Pafko flied out to score Mathews.

The Yankees fought for a comeback and did manage three runs on a solo HR by Bauer and a two-run HR by Mantle, scoring McDougald. It just wasn’t enough as the Braves won game two 13-5.

Don Larsen helped the Yankees out in game three, winning 4-0.

Bauer singled to score Norm Siebern and McDougald.

Bauer later homered, scoring Slaughter to make it 4-0 Yankees. This was the final score as Bauer got all four RBIs in the game.

It was the Braves turn for a shutout in game four.

It was a scoreless game entering the sixth inning, until Logan reached on a ground ball error, scoring Schoendienst.

Spahn singled, scoring Crandall making it 2-0 Braves. Mathews added another run in the top of the eighth on a double to score Logan. It was a 3-0 final score as the Braves took the Series lead 3-1.

The Yankees took control of game five.

McDougald homered to make it 1-0 Yankees.

Later in the game, Berra doubled to score Bauer and Skowron singled, scoring Mantle.

McDougald came up next to hit a ground-rule double, scoring Berra and Howard. Bob Turley singled to score Skowron and McDougald. This 7-0 score was final as the Yankees take game five.

In game six, Bauer started it off for the Yankees on a solo HR.

Aaron tied it up on a single, scoring Schoendienst.

Spahn singled to score Covington.

Berra tied it up on a sacrifice flyball, scoring Mantle.

It remained 2-2 entering the 10th inning.

McDougald hit a solo HR and Skowron singled to score Howard.

Aaron singled to score Logan, but it wasn’t enough as the Yankees take game six by the score of 4-3.

In game seven, Covington grounds out, scoring Schoendienst, making it 1-0 Braves.

Skowron grounds out, scoring Berra and Tony Kubek flies out, scoring Howard.

Crandall ties the game at 2-2 on a solo HR.

Howard singles to score Berra and Skowron homers, scoring Howard and Carey. The final score of this game is 6-2 Yankees as they win their 18th World Series. Turley wins the Series MVP.

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