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New York Yankees are a no-go for Trevor Story

New York Yankees

The New York Yankees passed up another opportunity. This time it had to do with Trevor Story, who is rumored to have signed with the Yankees biggest rivals, the Boston Red Sox. Here is what the Yankees missed out on.

Story’s Stats

The Yankees are starting to build a reputation for failing to acquire good, much needed players. This is another example of it as they pass on Story.

Story was drafted in 2011 as the 45th overall pick by the Colorado Rockies. He made his MLB debut on April 4, 2016 going 2-for-6. Both of his hits were HR giving him four RBIs in his first MLB game. Not too bad at all!

Overall, Story has a .272 batting average, 100 stolen bases, 158 HR, 266 walks and a .863 OPS. He does have 865 strike outs with a strike out percentage at approximately 31 percent. A little on the high side.

Story has spent his young career with the Rockies in the National League. Now that the there is a universal designated hitter rule being implemented, this will give everyone the chance to see more hitting.


The Red Sox

Out of all the teams in the Majors, it had to be the Yankees biggest rival to get Story. Of course!

According to sources, Story signed with the Red Sox Sunday morning, landing a six-year $140 million deal.

Having Story on the Red Sox just adds fuel to the fire for a this Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. It definitely won’t help the Yankees in their bid for another pennant or World Series. Beating the Sox is essential for a trip to the playoffs. The Red Sox are always a team that is a force to be reckoned with and the addition of Story will only make them better. That is, if Story plays to his full potential.

How often does it happen that a great player moves to a new team and doesn’t do so good? Most likely, it is the pressure of the city. Boston and New York, as well as Los Angeles among others are probably really hard places to play. There are certain expectations that teams hold their players to. New York is probably the most known for that with their 27 World Series Championships. It is as if their players are held on a higher standard because their money usually talks. The Red Sox are similar in this way because they expect to win.

Other Recent Yankees Acquisitions

The Yankees did acquire Yankee killer Josh Donaldson, Isiah Kiner-Falefa and Ben Rortvedt in exchange for Gio Urshela and Gary Sanchez. There is some positive vibes after all. It is better to have Donaldson with the Yankees instead of against them. However, was it smart to get rid of Urshela?

Urshela hit .271 with 311 strike outs, 49 HR, 91 walks, 192 RBIs and a .744 OPS in 458 games with the Yankees, Cleveland Indians and Toronto Blue Jays. Kiner-Filefa has a .265 career average with 233 strike outs, 118 RBIs, 84 walks, 16 HR and a .670 OPS in 392 games. Some stats are better for Kiner-Filefa, such as a lower strike out percentage of approximately 17 percent to Urshela’s 21 percent. However, Urshela’s OPS is much better and he has more power with his 49 homers. It all depends on how they perform on game day. As previously mentioned, a player’s game may change once on a high profile team like the Yankees.

Also, the Yankees sent Luke Voit to the San Diego Padres after re-signing Anthony Rizzo on a two-year $32 million deal.

Hopefully, the Yankees organization knows what they are doing. It is only a matter of time to see if the right decisions were made as the Yankees sat and lost out on players like Carlos Correa or Freddie Freeman. With not spending as big as expected, are the Yankees going to sign a big contract extension with Aaron Judge? If no deal is made, he becomes a free agent after the end of this season. What will the Yankees do? Its an interesting dilemma.


Featured Image Courtesy of Rob Leiter/MLB Photos via Getty Images

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