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More Spring Training Games are Canceled

More Spring Training Games are Canceled

It’s just another bright and sunny day in Florida and Arizona, places where several teams should be playing baseball. Unfortunately, the MLB and MLBPA are no closer to an agreement. More spring training games are canceled. Games may begin no earlier than March 8. What is going on?

More Spring Training Woes

Spring training games were originally canceled for the first week. This has been extended to March 8. This is bad for all parties involved and it doesn’t seem to be getting better any time soon.

There are meetings that are being held between the MLB and MLBPA in Jupiter, FL, hoping to accomplish something. The chances are slim for any success of an agreement. The worst part about it is that they only have until Monday before opening day is pushed back.

March 31 is supposed to be the start of the regular season for the MLB, but since the sides are going back-and-forth with counter-offers, baseball may not start on time. They have until Monday to figure it all out.

What Spring Training and Opening Day Brings

Image Courtesy of Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Ah opening day! This is the day when baseball officially starts. Where spring training brings players showing off their talent trying to make a team, opening day is the start of a player’s career. That’s what opening day is supposed to be. It should still happen, but nobody knows when.

Spring training is literally like tryouts. The players go, do their best and move on from there. The worst part is the wait. A player doesn’t know what is going to happen and being patient is hard.

Play Ball!

Many people are frustrated and it seems like the chances of seeing baseball on time are slowly fading. There is a time and a place when people come to a disagreement about something. Well, the MLB and MLBPA need to get it together because the players want to play and the fans want to watch baseball.

Another thing to take into consideration is that the longer the lockout, the longer the wait for the teams to acquire anybody. The Yankees, for example, did horribly during the off-season by failing to make deals with key players.

The Yankees need a second baseman, a shortstop, an outfielder and probably another catcher. Adding another pitcher doesn’t hurt either, but those mentioned are key positions that the Yankees need. Very little happened on their end to fix these issues.

With the lockout continuing, this doesn’t help the Yankees. The only thing the Yankees can do is think about who they can look to get after the lockout ends. As of right now, it isn’t looking good.

As far as the fans go, they should be soaking up the sun right now. Sipping their favorite beverage, eating hot dogs, hamburgers, pretzels, chicken, fries and nachos, among other things. They should be showing off their favorite player jersey as they sit and watch the possible future of their team. Instead, fans get to sit and wait for what feels like an ongoing feud that doesn’t seem like it will end.


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