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MLB monthly power rankings: May

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Another month of baseball is reaching its closing scenes. Nothing short of eventful, the month of May has beheld teams climbing to the top of the competition. In the past few weeks, these franchises have found winning formulas on a constant basis. Today, we spotlight those teams at the top of our monthly power rankings for the month of May.

Some of these clubs have done well building upon the momentum built in April, while some are striking gold in recent outings. They have also entered early playoff conversations while putting distance between themselves and everyone else. Though plenty of baseball remains, these few have set the pace.

Monthly power rankings: American League

1. Boston Red Sox

MLB monthly power rankings
(Photo by AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Once again, The Boston Red Sox remain as the monthly heavyweight champ in the American League. Who can blame them? Boston stands 37-17 and has won seven of their last 10 outings. Not to mention Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez are tied for second in the MLB in home runs at 17. Manager Alex Cora now has second baseman, Dustin Pedroia, coming off the disabled list, which could no doubt help continue Boston’s winning ways.

2. New York Yankees

It was difficult to decide who takes the No. 2 spot between two ball clubs, but the New York Yankees take it narrowly.

The Pinstripes have the most imposing batting order in all of baseball. As a unit, New York leads the big leagues in home runs and RBIs. On top of that, manager Aaron Boone and company are 20-9 at home. Teams traveling to Yankee Stadium, go forth with caution.

3. Houston Astros

The Houston Astros, meanwhile, have taken names for themselves through their pitching and fielding. Houston’s pitching staff boasts not only the lowest ERA in baseball, but also the lowest batting average allowed. The Astros’ defense stands as the best in the American League as well, recording the fewest errors and the highest fielding percentage in the AL.

4. Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners are gaining up on Houston for the AL West. Despite All-Star slugger Robinson Cano serving a very lengthy suspension, Seattle continues to make a commanding presence. The Mariners stand 33-20, winning nine of their last 10 games. But to keep it tight with the Astros, Seattle has to keep the motor running high and discover ways to win games in the weeks to come.

Monthly power rankings: national league

MLB monthly power rankings
Travis Shaw of Milwaukee. (Photo from Pintrest)

1. Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers have kicked into high gear and now hold the best record in the National League. Manager Craig Counsell has guided the club to a 4.5-game lead over the NL Central, as well as eight wins in their last 10 outings. From a statistical perspective, The Brewers’ batting and pitching crews have turned into a punishing one-two combination, giving the team the top spot for the NL monthly power rankings.

2. Atlanta Braves

The race for the NL East has become a brutal one, with Atlanta holding a thin lead, for the moment. Atlanta leads the NL in team batting average and total RBIs for the season. Along with a roster full of young players going in guns blazing, like Ronald Acuna, the Braves have plans to take over the division and more.

3. Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies are trailing close behind the Braves for the division. The Phillies have made their mark via their pitching staff. The unit boasts one of the lowest ERAs in the NL. But their batting and fielding lineup still needs work if they wish to keep the rest of the division at bay.

4. Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals have shown little mercy on the road, boasting a 18-8 record away from home. Washington’s pitching has become a crucial element to their success, as well as their power hitting. The Nationals narrowly lead the NL in most home runs hit. But adjustments must still be made on the Nationals’ part in order to defend their division title.

As June Approaches…

The next month will be a stage of the unknown, like April and May before. Will a struggling team gain footing in June? Will a squad running hot now get cold feet? As June approaches, franchises will need to manage areas in need of attention, as well as keeping stronger areas as they are. Along with these necessities, it is crucial for teams to find new winning formulas to keep their opponents guessing.


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