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MLB Lockout Updates

MLB Lockout Updates

There was a new proposal coming from the MLBPA on Sunday. It didn’t seem to bode well for the MLB. Here are some MLB lockout updates.

New MLBPA Proposal and Disagreements

A written collective bargaining agreement proposal was offered and it included a $5 million reduction in a pre-arbitration bonus pool. The union’s last offer was set at $85 million, but they reduced it to $80 million.

League spokesperson Glen Caplin stated he was looking for some “movement in our direction”, but that the MLBPA chose a different route, “a proposal worse than Monday night and was not designed to move the process forward.”

While the union asked for $80 million in the pre-arbitration pool, the league offered $30 million, clearly showing that the sides remain miles apart. This is not the only issue where both sides don’t see eye-to-eye.

The league offer in the CBT begins at $220 million, increasing to $230 million over the course of five years. The union wants to start at $239 million and end at $263 million.

Where the League and Union Agree

There was very little agreement between these two entities. One thing that was agreed upon was about the changing the time needed to implement rules, a request by the league.

The changes would occur in three areas: a pitch clock, the shift and the size of the bases.

The previous rule was that the league needed to give a year’s notice, but now 45 days is the new requirement. This new timeline change will take effect in 2023.

Game Cancelations and Fan Reactions

Spring training games have been canceled through March 17, along with the first two series. The chances are high that more games will be canceled. It is only a matter of time of when, how many games and how long.

The fans are not pleased, not in the least. They are expressing their frustration through social media outlets, such as Twitter.

Some fans are talking about boycotting baseball. Others are just tired of it. Even players are getting in on it. Here is a tweet by Mike Trout.

MLB Lockout Updates

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It is obvious now, just in case people thought it was overblown, that fans want to watch baseball and players want to play. This needs to be locked into people’s brains. It is so simple, there are those that may think “no way”, but there is no rocket science involved. It is right there for everybody to see.

What is it going to take and how long until the league, the owners, the union, whoever is involved in turning baseball from an awesome sport, to a negotiation war? One Twitter user said it best by calling it “disgusting.” There are 98 other people who agree with this statement. Make it 99.



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