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MLB Games Postponed Due To Coronavirus Outbreak


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By now we all know how the Covid-19 outbreak has affected our lives. It has not only left millions infected but also has negatively impacted every sphere of our lives. From business to sports to everything else is disrupted because of the pandemic.

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MLB Games Postponed

Speaking of coronavirus, it has hit Major League Baseball hard. They are being forced to postpone two of their games after the starting of their season.

MLB has informed that games between New York Yankees and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania and Baltimore Orioles Miami Marlins in Florida have been delayed. There are reports that 8 of the players in Marlins and 2 of the coaches have been found positive for the Covid-19 tests.

Marlin players, Garrett Cooper, Jose Urena, Harold Ramirez, and Jorge Alfaro are four of the members who had already found Covid-19 positive.

MLB has said that they are going to postpone the games so that more players can be tested.

They said that Marlin players are currently in quarantine and are waiting for their test results.

Derek Jetter, who is the chief executive of the Marlins said in a statement that they took the correct decision by postponing the game in Florida which was about to take place this Monday.

He also added that the health of the players is their main priority. The decision to postpone the home opening game was correct. They need to access the situation before proceeding ahead.

He also said that Marlin members are staying in Philadelphia to undergo additional testing.

Monday’s game was postponed less than a week from when MLB opened their new season.

The season was already delayed for four months due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Normally, the season would have been launched in March.

Just so you know all games are taking place without spectators. No fans or audience are allowed to enter the stadium. At the same time, players are required to follow a strict health check before stepping into the game. All safety protocols are being followed to prevent the spread of the virus.

Every player is tested for Covid-19 in every 48 hours. They must wear masks at all times, except the times when they are playing.

Other sports leagues, MLB is restarting their season. They are going to travel across the entire US during this season. This is why they are taking such strict precautions regarding the safety of the players and everyone else associated with them.

Although this decision has received enough criticism because of the increasing number of cases, they are anyway of doing it.

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