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MLB and MLBPA Reach Tentative Agreement on new CBA

MLB and MLBPA Reach Tentative Agreement

The MLB and MLBPA reach a tentative agreement on the new CBA. This means that baseball is right around the corner and should be starting soon. Here is a look at the agreed-upon deal.

Baseball’s Opening Day

The original opening day of baseball was supposed to be March 31, but that went out the window. Several spring training games were canceled as well.

Since an agreement was not made in time, opening day was not supposed to begin until April 14, but the regularly missed games will be rescheduled instead of canceled altogether.

As of right now, a full 162-game season is set to kick off on April 7 after a 99-day lockout. Spring training camps are opening Sunday, which is mandatory, while free-agent signings will begin Thursday night.

What’s the Deal?

The new luxury tax increases from $230 million to $244 million over a five-year deal. The minimum salary for those with less than three years of MLB experience will be $700,00 This is up $129,500 from the previous offer and expected to grow to $780,000. A bonus pool of $50 million to be distributed among young players who have not reached salary arbitration.

MLB’s plan to expand the postseason to 12 teams was agreed upon by the MLBPA. Also, patches on jerseys and decals on batting helmets will feature advertisements. This will be the first time in MLB history that advertising will be featured on a player’s uniform.

Other elements are a universal DH, six selections awarded in the draft lottery, the international draft being 20 rounds and signing bonuses being guaranteed for drafted players.

There are some rule changes as well. Beginning 2023, rules such as base size, shifting automatic ball/strike zone and a pitch clock will be changed by a committee consisting of four active players, six members appointed by the MLB and one umpire.


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