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MLB: 2019 Agendas

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Every team entering 2019 has a goal in mind. Like any other season, each franchise needs to tackle each step in meeting that goal. But some teams will have harder times reaching it than others. Besides winning the World Series, not every team has the same goals to reach.

Here are on some team’s agendas for the upcoming MLB Season.

2019 Agendas: Stay the Course

Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Chicago Cubs
BOSTON, MA. – AUGUST 3: Boston Red second baseman Mookie Betts throws out New York Yankees’ Aaron Hicks after first bae during the second inning of a Major League Baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston on August 3, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Staff Photo By Christopher Evans/Boston Herald)

For Boston, they must continue to rely on Alex Cora’s managing talents. He DID bring the Red Sox the World Series Trophy in just his inaugural year as skipper. Now the pressure is on to hold that title. As for their arch-rivals, the New York Yankees, Aaron Boone has a great first year as their manager as well. Plus, the Pinstripes have been stockpiling their bullpen in this offseason. New York should continue to build on their momentum from 2018.

The Houston Astros have paved their way to the top via their pitching and defense. Their batting presence is nothing to sneeze at either. To perpetuate their dominance in the AL West, they will need to grow their younger players so they can step up when any of their starters go down. Though the Chicago Cubs had an unusually early end to their season, they have solidified themselves as a powerhouse in the National League. Like Boston, faith in their manager is key to continuing to their success. Joe Maddon will no doubt look to bring the Cubbies back to the top.

2019 Agendas: Stay Competitive

Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Dodgers, Tampa Bay Rays
See the highlights from the Milwaukee Brewers’ 2-1 win over the St. Louis Cardinals to clinch a playoff spot for the first time since 2011. Image Courtesy of The Big 1070 – iHeartRadio

For Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Tampa Bay, they are taking huge steps in the right directions. They are also teams to watch out for in 2019. The Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, and Colorado Rockies have become playoff contenders by season’s end last year, and could very well return to the fray next season. But they will need to tighten some loose screw before they can not only hold their playoff spots, but also get included in the World Series conversation. These organizations are not where they want to be yet. But they do have their destination well in their sights.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Dodgers have gone through a roster change. Many of its players, including Yasiel Puig and Alex Wood, are now playing for the Cincinnati Reds. Though this may concern many a Dodgers fan, manager Dave Roberts has been known to make something out of nothing. Not to mention he has taken LA to three consecutive NLCS match-ups, winning the last two.

As for the Tampa Bay Rays, they should not let missing the playoffs get to them. They should reiterate what they did right after the All-Star that propelled them to a 89-73 finish last season. Having Boston and New York in the same division is even harder than it sounds. But Tampa Bay should be up for the challenge if they prepare accordingly.

2019 Agendas: GET Competitive

San Diego Padres, Miami Marlins, Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Royals, Chicago White Sox

Silver linings are hard to find in the giant, black clouds that loom over these next few franchises. Finding bright spots will be crucial in regaining relevance.

Image Courtesy of Sporting News

The San Diego Padres have caught little to no breaks in at least a decade. One constant remains for the Padres in that span, and that is no playoff appearances. The Padres have not produced much excitement since the days of Tony Gwynn. As they continue through rough patches, the front office will have to step up in order to made being a Padres fan more of a badge of courage than a badge of shame.

At least, the Miami Marlins, Chicago White Sox, and Kansas City Royals have won it all at some point in the 21st Century. But ever since those big breaks, all three teams are struggling to find their identities. As for the latter two, each had a 2018 season they’d like to forget. When they are the bottom two teams in a division (AL Central) that boasted only one team that finished .500 or higher, they know good news aren’t coming from that.

Miami does have new ownership. But not only have they once again traded away their best player (catcher JT Realmuto), but they still continue to have poor attendance. The Money Pit in Miami (under former owner Jeffrey Loria) just shows the baseball world how NOT to run a baseball team.

The Baltimore Orioles have it worse than anyone from 2018. Among other things, they boasted the lowest record of the regular season in all of baseball. With a new manager on board, things are going to get worst for Baltimore before they can get better.


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