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Javy Baez Against Cheating and The Effects

Javy Reacts To No Film During Games

Javy Baez takes a strong stance against cheating and the effects. A lot of people have been questioning Baez and his lack of production for the Chicago Cubs. With Baez coming off a runner up MVP season and multiple all-star seasons, many expected him to have the same impact but it’s been the opposite. For Baez, he relies a lot on in-house video during games to make any adjustments needed. However, MLB has decided to not allow that anymore due to the Astros and Red Sox scandal. This has been hard to understand for Baez and many other MLB players.

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El Mago in 2020

This season, Baez is batting .196 through 168 at-bats. El Mago seems to not be able to find any magic in his bat but it’s still there in his glove which keeps him as one of the games best. He’s working hard off the field to fix his mechanics and get his swing back but until that happens, the Cubs will need to rely on other key players. Ian Happ has been having a stellar season for the Cubs as he’s in the MVP race. Yu Darvish has also been having a season as he’s in the Cy Young race.

Baez Stands With Others

Other players such as J.D. Martinez have also given their opinion on the ban of in-house video. Martinez said that players rely on that to make changes and study pitchers. Baez claims that the Astros cheating has nothing to do with other MLB teams. He says that it’s not right to punish everyone for one’s mistake and it has caused a lot of players to struggle at the plate this season. He hopes that the commissioner rethinks his decision and allows teams to have the tool in the clubhouse during games.

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