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Hitters 25 and under with the best shot at Cooperstown

young players best shot at cooperstown

Francisco Lindor

young players best shot at cooperstown
Lindor has been a leader in the resurgence of the Indians. (Photo by Getty Images)

The Cleveland Indians shortstop has broken out as one of the best young players in baseball. 2017 was a pivotal year for him as he stuck with the trend in baseball and cranked out way more home runs than anyone expected. While his average took a bit of a dip, he was able to show his potential.

What we may see from him in the future is the home runs coming back down to reality after the 33 last year. Some guys may have been sacrificing their batting average for the long ball, and Lindor may have been one of those guys.

While his defensive prowess may have been great last year, it does not mean he won’t be able to turn it back around. He is a solid defender with high offensive potential at this point. He did not come into the league with big expectations at the plate, but seeing that Lindor is only 24, the potential looks great.

Carlos Correa

The No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 MLB draft had high expectations the moment he came into the league. Correa has been a big part of the Astros’ road to success. While there are many players and executives who had a whole lot of influence on their championship, Correa got the ball rolling.

Correa has as much raw power as any shortstop in baseball. If it was not for his thumb injury last year, he may have hit 40 home runs.

Where his game shines on the diamond is his rocket arm. While you may not see him make the spectacular plays, his arm certainly can make up for any missteps that may occur in the field.

Correa has serious Cooperstown potential because of his great odds to consistently hit for a .300 average with 35 home runs. There are a lot of big things to look for with this 23-year-old as he has only reached the tip of the iceberg with his potential.

Bryce Harper

young players best shot at cooperstown
Harper has already cemented himself as one of the best in baseball. (Photo from ESPN)

Out of everyone on this list, Bryce Harper is the most obvious and best bet for Cooperstown when he decides to hang his cleats up down the road. He has already cemented himself as one of the new young faces of the league. It may not seem like he is too young anymore because he has enough experience to be a seasoned vet, but he still has at least another decade to go of solid baseball.

Harper was all over the internet before he was drafted for his monstrous power that he has already showcased at the major league level. He has not shown off those skills in the Home Run Derby, but that shows just how serious and dedicated he is to his game.

Harper is also in the last year of his contract with the Washington Nationals. He will be the hottest free agent on the market since Alex Rodriguez. With all the years he has ahead, he could possibly draw a $400 million contract. No matter where he goes, he certainly is on the fast track to the hall.

Mookie Betts

Out of the four players on this list, Betts may be the biggest long shot to make it in the end. He has been in the MVP discussions the past couple of years, but does not have the overwhelming power or averages you might expect to see in a superstar.

Betts is an all-around player that can fit into any lineup. He is an excellent athlete and a natural ballplayer. He is an above average defender who also can steal a few bases. Betts will not light up any particular stat category on the list, but he will put up solid numbers in every one of them.

The 5-foot-9 outfielder does not let his height slow him down at all. Players like Betts and Jose Altuve have proved that you may not need those physical tangibles some scouts think are needed.

What to bank on with Betts is a consistent player who will do what needs to be done. We will see if he puts up the stats needed to make it to Cooperstown, but he certainly has the potential to succeed at the highest level.


Featured image from Bleacher Report

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