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Hal Steinbrenner should focus on Yankees’ failures, not soccer

Hal Steinbrenner Should Focus on Yankees' Failures, not Soccer

The New York City Football Club won the Major League Soccer Club. That is awesome! New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner thinks so too, when he congratulated NYCFC for their win. Hal Steinbrenner should focus on Yankees’ failures, not soccer. This must be what happens when a team’s owner doesn’t see a championship in awhile, so he/she must congratulate another team representing the same state.

Congrats to NYCFC

According to a statement released from the Yankees, Steinbrenner congratulated NYCFC for winning the MLS Cup. In his statement, Steinbrenner says, “the New York Yankees applaud the entire NYCFC organization for bringing the MLS Cup home to the great city of New York. Since NYCFC’s founding, we have been extremely proud partners with City Football Group, which truly sets the standard in world football.” He also goes on to congratulate the City Football Groups Chairman, CEO, Vice Chairman and all of the staff that contributed to this effort.

This makes sense in that it is always great to congratulate other teams, especially those representing the same state. For example, since Steinbrenner is the owner of the Yankees and their home is in NY, it is nice to honor and congratulate other teams that represent NY. This is all fine and good, as well as respectable. Here is the issue. Steinbrenner hasn’t said much lately. When he does, it has to do with congratulating a soccer team? Hmmm. There is some confusion.

Yankees’ Failures

Hal Steinbrenner Should Focus on Yankees' Failures, not Soccer

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The Yankees haven’t won a World Series since 2009 when they beat the Philadelphia Phillies in six games. The winning pitcher was Andy Pettitte going 4-0 in the post-season. The World Series MVP was Hideki Matsui, who went 8-for-13 in six games with ridiculous numbers of .615/.643/1.285/2.027. He definitely deserved getting the MVP.

As far as congratulating teams, Steinbrenner has to congratulate someone. It sure isn’t the Yankees. What Steinbrenner needs to do and do it fast, is to make sure he gets great players. Go back to the way Yankees used to do things and go after a player with everything they got. Passing up on key players like Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Corey Seager, etc. was the in the best interests of the Yankees.

Steinbrenner may need to have a talk with Brian Cashman, the Yankees GM. Since it is Cashman’s job to make acquisitions and figure out what players he wants, he should do a better job. No championships since 2009? Is this a joke? Unfortunately, no. Jokes are meant to be funny and this is not, unless you are a Boston Red Sox fan.

Start Brainstorming

Whenever this MLB lockout ends, Yankees will eventually have to make decisions of who they want. Many of the number one free agents are already on other teams. The Yankees can still get Carlos Correa, but it has been said over and over again that this may be risky. Yankee fans may never accept Correa, even if he produces, but this is NY. Nobody really knows what would happen with that. One thing for sure is he will get booed. It really wouldn’t be shocking if he joined the Yankees, hit a home run and one of the Yankee fans threw the ball back on the field, at home.

Congratulations to NYCFC for winning the MLS Cup. They deserve it. Steinbrenner will have to save some congrats for the Yankees when they win a Championship. If they don’t get their act together and start focusing on the players they need to win, then Steinbrenner and everyone else can just start congratulating the New York Mets, who actually did acquire good players during the off-season. This is all Yankee fans need is for their cross-town rivals to win. Pay attention Cashman! Get the great players by making epic deals, get some wins and win a Championship. Simple.

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